Rating System

Hello there! This is where you will find what all those Tiers in my reviews mean. Welcome to my Rating System.

- How do I rate anime?
Since everyone has their own opinion, how you judge anime differs from person to person. Some people have a soft spot for a specific genre, or a certain type of story done in a certain way. For me, the main aspect is the enjoyment. "Did I have fun?", "How much of an impression did the show leave behind?", "Did it teach me something new?", "Did the experience change my outlook on life or did it move me on an emotional or spiritual level?" - these are the questions that are on the top of the list. Now, this does not mean that I complete disregard all the other aspects of the show. The story, the characters, the aesthetics, direction, execution & pacing, they all do play a very important role and I take all of them into account, but their end goal is to provide the viewer with a memorable experience. And if an anime succeeds in doing that, then the job is done.

Now, I'm only human (and not a bot), so I do have my preferences (or biases) towards certain kind of shows. And it will reflect itself into my final rating. But, I will present all the good and the bad aspects in my reviews so you can count on that.
Without further ado, here are the 6 tiers :

God Tier

Fu*king GODs of the anime. From timeless classics to new age goodness. Simply Epic. Best of the Best. The anime which quitely crept into a little corner of my heart or who just came bashing through the front door tearing everything apart. These anime have the creator's heart and soul infused into it. You cannot call yourselves an anime fan if you haven't seen these. (exaggeration! Hell yeah!) These anime will change the way you look at things, leave you with tears in your eyes, make you question yourselves or just blow your mind. Any anime in this category is a must watch despite of your interest in the genre.
Rating : 9+

Diamond Tier

These are the anime which were really really good but lacked that one thing that would help them ascend to the heavenly God Tier and get their names etched into the history of the anime as one of the greatest anime ever. Nonetheless, any anime in this category will not disappoint you. This is a world of well thought out storylines, spectacular visuals, clever & funny dialogues, parody, superb comedy and mindfu*kery. These anime will infuse you with their awesomeness, their simplicity, their beauty or the grand scale of their story.
Rating : 8.5 - 9.0

Platinum Tier

These are what I call some really good or great anime. They won't be as awesome as the God or the Diamond Tier anime, but they stand out. They had potential, they utilised it in a good way, but not to their full extent. Here you'll find some 'different', eerie, genre breaking anime, full of potential. Or anime that are just nice and simple. Anime, that you would like to watch when you need a break from the mindfu*kery and the gore. But don't be fooled, for these are not your ordinary average anime, they may not be "that" good, but they reached me. And they will reach you my friend. Who knows, they might even creep up in your heart and end up being your favourites.
Rating : 8.0 - 8.5

Gold Tier

The good anime. Majority of the hyped anime end up falling in this category. These are the anime that are well known for their ability to be able to connect to a lot of people. These are good starters if you want to get into anime. These are the anime that you can watch when you want to just lay back and relax and not think too much about. These might not seem phenomenal, but they have something that keeps them above the huge crowd of average.
Because of the huge number of anime falling into this category, a range of a whole digit seems unfair. So, this tier is further divided into two tiers namely, Gold - I and Gold - II. Ratings are :
Gold - I : 7.5 - 8.0
Gold - II : 7.0 - 7.5
Rating : 7.0 - 8.0

Silver Tier

The top layer of the huge number of average anime. It is the thin layer of cream which lies above all that bread. The anime in here are pretty average, but you need these in order to keep the ones on top shining. You can't have sunshine 24/7 my friend, you'll burn. (I hope that was a good analogy) This Tier might contain some guilty pleasure shows, or shows that are so weird that I don't know where to put them (take FLCL for example), or shows that are just repeating something that's already been done but with a few tweaks that makes them stand out a little.
Similar to the Gold tier, a range of a whole digit seems unfair. So, this tier is further divided into two tiers namely, Silver - I and Silver - II. Ratings are :
Silver - I : 6.5 - 7.0
Silver - II : 6.0 - 6.5
Rating : 6.0 - 7.0

Bronze Tier

The definition of average. Okay. Meh. You can watch these if you have absolutely nothing else to watch. (Still better than watching sh*tcom.) These are like your neighbours. You see them everyday, doing weird stuff, throwing their stuff into your yard when you're not looking. Sometimes you wanna thank them, and sometimes you wanna strangle them. You are okay with having them there, but if you were to live with them, you'd be like "hell no!" (I have no idea what this means.... I don't like my neighbours.) Anything below this, I probably haven't seen it, and won't.
Rating : 5.0 - 6.0

Sh*t Tier

I think the name says it all. Sh*t, Crap, utter bullsh*t, don't watch, its a troll, waste of time. If someone has recommended any anime in this category to you, they are either your best friend or your archenemy. Now, if you still wanna test your manliness, go ahead and pick what you like. You have been warned!Rating : It's Sh*t!