Occultic;Nine - First Impression

Occultic;Nine - First Impression

Studio : A-1 Pictures
Genre : Sci-Fi, Mystery, Supernatural
Episodes Aired : 8
Status : The plot sure is thick here. Watching.

Let's say you want to present a mystery to your audience. Where do you start? How about the usual - The crime scene?
Bodies, lots of dead bodies, floating on water. What happened? Where did they come from? Let's go back to where it all started. How many people are involved? Let's introduce them all in one episode, connect them to a key point, establish some of their characteristics, give hints about the upcoming events, crack a few lame jokes, throw in giant breasts & a cheeky Shiela for fanservice, a bloody scalp with hair for the creeps and finally a murder to act as a cliffhanger (and there's a Sherlock wannabe too). Overwhelmed yet? If not, then there's the forced fast dialogue.

Occultic;Nine Gif1

Occultic;Nine seems like one of those high-school experiments where you have to perform a controlled reaction by slowly adding the chemicals in several steps, but you're out of time, so you just take a big cauldron and pour every chemical in it at once. They react vigorously, producing lots of colors and odors, and as time passes, the mixture turns gooey and smelly but you keep stirring it anyway thinking that in the end it will all come together to produce the desired result. But sadly, it all ends with the professor smacking you on the head giving you an F. If only you had more time.

If you disregard the bad presentation and the giant tits, then underneath those you'll find a good puzzle. I'll give the show credit for how much content it tries to cram into an episode, just to make the game more fun. There are all sorts of clues thrown in every episode and in the opening ending sequences, foreshadowing a part of the upcoming events. And the overall mystery itself seems to be a big puzzle with lots of connected strings. But sadly the show's approach spoils everything for me.

Occultic;Nine Gif2

The biggest sores are the pacing & the dialogue (and the sudden "creative" camera movements). The show has a lot of dialogues and conversations are carried out at a ridiculously fast pace. Now, this isn't a bad thing usually, it's what a lot of shows do. You see, most of the time when characters talk really fast, it's either when they are overwhelmed (panicked, excited, passionate etc) or they know almost everything about the topic and/or the person they are conversing with (think the usual monogatari banter or when someone's stating a fact or explaining their theory). If done well, it acts as a character trait and adds to their personality. But here in Occultic;Nine, every single character talks fast in almost every situation, whether its your everyday chat in a cafe, or about 256 dead people or finding out that you're *spoilers* and your daddy's a *spoilers*. It's as if they've been holding it in for hours and they really need to go to the bathroom (heck, there are scenes where even the pauses are cut).

In short, a huge amount of exposition/dialogue hits you at an overwhelming pace, which somewhat destroys the character dynamics and the mood of the story.
So, why am I still watching this? You see, despite the painful frustrating headache-inducing dialogue, erratic pacing and overwhelming titties, the show is interesting. And as long as the puzzle is interesting, I'll stay for the answer. I'm glad I didn't go into it with high expectations (because of it's relation to Steins;Gate and the references etc), so I don't hate it as much. I appreciate that they are trying to put so much content from the novel, but they just don't have the runtime to execute it properly and it's doing more harm than good to the show.

Occultic;Nine Gif3

So, should you watch this? It depends on how much you like puzzles (mysteries), and how far will you go to find the answer, because, this show will test your patience. As for me, I'll see it through.

P.S. The last one on the list for this season's first impression parade is Yuri on Ice. Let's see what all the hype is about.

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