Fune wo Amu - First Impression

Studio : Zexcs
Genre : Drama, Romance, Seinen
Episodes Aired : 5
Status : This might be it. Watching.

“Some people have a way with words, and other people...oh, uh, not have way.” ~ Steve Martin

Human beings are complex creatures. We have got big brains filled with ideas, visions, and feelings. And to let those ideas out into the world can be a daunting task. Using words and phrases is one of the ways we can can express ourselves and communicate with others around us. Thanks to the abundance of stimuli in our world, we experience a variety of things everyday. And to express all of those requires a lot of words. And where to find a lot of words and their meanings? A dictionary.
While a dictionary is out of date as soon as it's printed, you can still pick up an old dusty one and it'll still be useful. Ever wonder what goes into making those big bulky stacks of paper?

Based on a novel by Shion Miura, Fune wo Amu (The Great Passage) is a show about Majime Mitsuya, a man of peculiar character, and his co-workers at Genbu Publishing company's Dictionary Editorial Department. In modern times of technology with huge databases of information stored on the internet, finding the meaning of a word is child's play. So, publishing dictionaries isn't good business. Still, despite the hard times, one old man wants to leave behind his greatest work before he retires. A dictionary that will serve as a vessel, to get people across the ocean of words, a ship he calls "The Great Passage".

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Now, this is where our protagonist comes in. You see, Majime is an interesting character (his hobby is observing people getting on escalators). He is a bookworm with a passion for words but he can't quite express himself. It's not that he is shy and lacks courage, he just has poor social skills. Not the kind of qualities you would look for when hiring a Salesman. Despite that, he somehow ended up in the sales department. Thankfully, he gets a lucky break when his encounter with Nishioka gets him landed into the Editorial Department, where he can pursue his passion for words. And so the journey begins.

I've said before that I really like shows that give us a peek into the production aspects of something - a commodity, a show, a game or a part of it, because it almost always involves interesting characters. And this show fits right into that category. It shows us what goes into creating a dictionary - going through years of research, compiling words, searching for new words, getting writers to corroborate, choosing layouts etc., and how every member of the team plays their part in it, what difficulties they face along the way and what subtle changes all this brings in their lives. And that's what we have here - people trying to find where they belong and how they can contribute to the world and maybe leave something behind to be remembered for.
[Personal thought : I feel that these kind of shows are quite important because they show us that work should be something you love and not something abominable and boring that you get paid to do.]

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But don't fret, the show isn't all about work either. There's some romance as well. One that involves a 15 page love letter. It's a little awkward, like you'd expect from someone like Majime, but it's not full of random misunderstandings or other cliches (so far). They even share the same philosophy regarding their work lives. I'm liking where their relationship is headed for now, and I expect it to turn into a pleasant experience. The same is true for the whole show, I am excited to see where this goes and I am going to stick around for every moment.
So, go watch this show if you like the premise.

P.S. The next show is Occultic;Nine. Not much hopes for that one.

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