Drifters - First Impression

Drifters - First Impression

Studio : Hoods Drifters Studio
Genre : Action, Comedy, Historical, Fantasy, Seinen
Episodes Aired : 6
Status : Not sure if a really clever joke, or just ridiculous. Watching.

A guy got transported into a fantasy world and guess what? He's not a teenager! If that's not reason enough to watch this, I don't what is.
Shimazu Toyohisa is a honed samurai warrior, with a righteous heart and a knack for lopping heads. It was just another casual day in his life, where he was running around the battlefield lopping heads left and right, when he suddenly got transported to a corridor full of doors, with a man sitting behind a desk giving him a look. But before he could do anything, he gets thrown into a door and finds himself in the forest. So, now we're in a fantasy world where elves, dwarves, hobbits, humans, dragons and whatnot exist and our main character has to fight a world war against the evil army of "Ends". But he's not alone in this mess, several other prominent historical figures from different ages (called Drifters) were also thrown into the mix. Heck, why am I even trying to explain this. It's a bloodbath, filled with well animated mindless action, cheesy dialogues and inappropriate comedy.

Created by Kouta Hirano, the same guy who created the Hellsing series, the show's story is very predictable and devoid of any substance for your brain to munch on. But that's okay. It's a nice concept - pitting two characters from different times against each other, but you can only do so much with that premise. I mean, it's already tough trying to put together these characters and still make some sense, expecting substance is just ridiculous. So, the only thing left, is to have your characters throwing sarcastic remarks or have them fight to death. And if you do the fighting part well, hallelujah.

Drifters gif 1

So far, all the action scenes had superb animation and I love the way they animate the stance of the main character before he proceeds to lop off someone's head (his obsession with heads is a bit weird). There is adequate amount of blood and gore, the huge contours and the color tones suit the whole thing, and the opening and ending themes are nice as well. For a production studio (hoods entertainment) that hasn't made "great" stuff, this is surprisingly well produced.

Now, one thing that makes this show a little hard to watch, is the comedy. I mean it's most the effective way to include those jabs and history jokes, but the timing is sometimes horrible. I can tolerate the sudden change in art-style with the funny faces and all, but when it happens in the middle of a moment where it's completely unnecessary, it's annoying.
Speaking of comedy, you don't need to be a history buff to get most of the humour, a general knowledge of world history is fine, but since a lot of it is centered around the Japanese characters, a brief look at the Japanese history will do you good (I played a game called Samurai Warriors 2 quite a while ago which included the whole Nobunaga Oda and the Honnoji Temple incident so I had a rough idea).

Anyways, if you like well animated action with badass lunatics running around killing each other, then this is for you. I'll be following this for the exact same reasons.

P.S. Next show on the list is Fune wo Amu.

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