Musaigen no Phantom World Ep 2 - Review/Reaction

Musaigen no Phantom World Episode 2

Oh boy! How do I put this. I am angry, disappointed and I want to rant for like 60 pages over why KyotoAni decided to put out something like this. But I'll try to keep it short,. So, here we go.

While today's episode might not have been able to top the first episode's limbo scene, it surely reached a new level of ridiculousness with all the crazy sequences and incantations. I thought this show had a shred of potential of being a remotely good show but I guess I was wrong. So, in today's episode of Ghostbusters we have Rururaruri Rurararirararururirirari Rirararururararururararirari (yeah, good luck pronouncing that on your first try) with the protagonist giving us further explanation of this world which just makes the show look even more pretentious. Look, if you're gonna do fucking limbo with those ridiculous incantations and finger sucking, then it's best not involve serious scientific explanations for the youkai phenomenon (just say it's magic). For all we know, two episodes later, this turns into friggin Guilty Crown and Reina starts playing a damn trumpet!

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Not only that, all of my hopes for that redhead to be a good character were crushed with what followed that explanation. She turns out to be the super cliche "I'll try to look cool and manage everything on my own not needing any help" kind of character who then gets saved by the main characters in a super cliche way. On top of that, she has that super cliche main character corner seat in class so she can stare out the window in a super cliche way! But it didn't end there, what came next was that ridiculous incantation of hers. Heck I was feeling embarrassed listening to that! I wanted to bang my head against the wall so hard that I would forget this painful memory. You could have thought of a better incantation for pete's sake! (hirake hirake hirake hirake... aaaaaaaaaaa!) Though I was surprised we didn't get a fanservice scene of her. I'm sure KyotoAni will somehow find a way to do that.

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But the ridiculousness didn't end there. It was now time for our limbo dancer to show off her special incantaion (which I didn't mind the last time) with a lot less amount of body fondling movements this time. Everything was okay until she executed her attack, which looked like Chun-Li's Hyakuretsukyaku (if you've ever played Street Fighter, you know what I'm talking about). I mean the animation preceding the kick looked really cool and I was hoping she would do something really cool but it ended up being a bummer instead (It still looked good). But the exhibition didn't end there. We have some more fanservice scenes later on while some info is being dumped onto us about these youkai and paroles (but who cares about that eh?)

And if aaaall that wasn't enough, they had to shove some more in there. The scene where Reina says she wants to go to an all-you-can-eat-buffet made me chuckle a little. It was a nice touch but they had to ruin it with the finger sucking scene. Not to mention the cliche part where the ladies are fighting a flying ufo youkai while wrapped in bath towels and the main character gets thrown out the window three times (I pity you Haruhiko). And the guy is still as generic as ever. Almost forgot the part where he ends up in yet another questionable position with Reina. At this point, a mere facepalm isn't even gonna cut it. All hope is lost for this series. The only thing keeping me going is KyotoAni's animation skills. If this continues for more than 3 episodes, I might actually drop this. I don't know what the circumstances are for KyotoAni, but they look really desperate here. They're trying really hard to get this show to sell. Honestly, I'd rather deal with a show like this than to have a studio shut down. Though I'm not sure it's nothing that bad. After all this is KyotoAni, that's how they've done things in the past. I just got my hopes up from Hibike! Big mistake.

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What do you guys think of Musaigen no Phantom World? What aspects do you like (or hate)? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear your rants.

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