Musaigen no Phantom World Episode - 1 Review/Reaction

Musaigen no Phantom World Episode 1

New Year, New Anime!
And on comes KyotoAni with it's Musaigen no Phantom World. With the previous work Hibike! Euphonium getting quite good reactions, how does the next work of this moe loving giant studio fare? Well... not so good. I know it's only episode one and that explanation for how humans started "perceiving" these supernatural youkais was a creative step in the show's worldbuilding (not perfect but at least they tried) but limbo and bouncing boobs? Oh come on! Not to mention the fact that if people couldn't see these supernatural beings in the past what did they do about all the destruction that these things caused? How did they deal with that? (cause that monster clearly wrecked that tower) If you're gonna go with a "scientific" explanation for one thing, don't half ass the rest of it. If they would have just said that it's magic, I would be fine with it. Since it's only episode one, let's pretend that there's an explanation for it in the upcoming episodes. 

Now what about the rest of the episode? It was mostly generic usual highschool magic romcom-ish stuff. The protagonist looks like just any other slice of life anime MC out there. The other characters didn't leave much of an impression either. The animation style wasn't all that different from what we see nowadays. It was good, full of life and bright colors, but it didn't really stand out all that much (I mean look at Hibike! Euphonium. Maybe I'm being too harsh here). At the very least, the fight sequences were good and well choreographed. Though Mai rubbing her breasts for chi was a little distracting (it looked great btw). Now, I don't really mind that kind of fanservice but the bouncing boobs at the limbo had me raging. Another thing that ticked me off a little is how the show got almost pretentious in it's explanations at times.

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We get it, the main character is poor, hunts supernatural beings to get by, uses a flashy move before finishing her enemies - it's Noragami by KyotoAni. Now, despite all the complains that I have about this show being the usual generic slice of life stuff, I was entertained for the whole duration of the episode. I enjoyed the fights, enjoyed the concept, enjoyed all the fanservice (thank you KyotoAni) and I am excited for episode two. But I sure as hell won't be claiming this to be a good show... yet. So far, it's average at best. But we've got a long a way to go so I have hope... Hope that KyotoAni finds a way to make this memorable.

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