Erased Episode 2 - Review/Reaction

Erased Episode 2 - Review/Reaction

Suprising all of us with it's brilliant first episode, Boku Dake ga Inai Machi continues to deliver a captivating experience in it's second episode. Though not too heavy on the thrill side, this episode built up a lot of suspense while it went along it's calm, steady pace.
The anime switches to a widescreen format for the events that are happening now, 18 years ago from when he did a time leap. And it switches to full scale as well, which gives it a nice aesthetic movie like feel. Sure it isn't groundbreaking or anything, monogatari series has also done it pretty well (along with many other series). I think this animation style really suits the environment of the series and helps maintain that atmosphere of suspense as required.

So, now that he is back in time, Satoru goes through the usual phase of disbelief and runs back home from school to look for his mom. And the part following these events was executed very nicely. His conversation with his mother while she is cooking and the sudden onset of tears when he is at the dinner table, his appreciation of the moment and the realisation that he forgot those times somewhere along the path of becoming an adult, it all gives a certain amount of depth to his character. Not to mention, it shows the brilliance of the writing and the amount of realism they have infused in this series. So far Satoru's character is really grounded and I really like that and I hope they keep it that way throughout the end. It would be really interesting to see him deal with a tight situation now that he is physically a kid.

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While the first part was about the realisation of the fact that a revival has happened, the second half foreshadowed a lot of things. I really like how they are putting the emphasis on little things here and they really bring it out whenever something is out of position (like the gloves or the fact about the hideout or the frame in the opening where the shattered glass pieces show the shooter in the reflection). The whole thing always had this dense thick air surrounding everything even when something rather sweet and happy was happening. Still, Satoru's internal monologues were pretty entertaining and the dynamic between him Hinazuki was refreshing (get a hold of yourself Satoru! you're 29 for pete's sake). 

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With all the build up and the suspense that the series is accumulating, the biggest question on my mind right now is - are there going to be more revivals? I mean, is he gonna go forward in time as well? How is he going to make sure that what he is doing is working? Are more revivals going to happen when he is still a kid or is he gonna go back and forth in time to find out if he succeeded cuz I doubt he'll live through the 18 years every single time (though that would be tormenting). I'm guessing both. I'm sure we are going to see more revivals, and it will be pretty damn thrilling when that happens. I have really high expectations from the upcoming episodes. I'm excited to see how the relationship between Satoru and Hinazuki is going to turn out and I wanna see what this guy with the airplane is like (I think his name is Yuuki. I'm not good with remembering  names). Not to mention, the gloves, the hideout and the essay. Let's see how this goes.

How is your experience with Boku Dake ga Inai Machi so far? What are your favourite parts? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear that.

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