Erased Episode 1 - Review/Reaction

Erased Episode 1
"I'm scared to get to the heart of my own mind."
While I was suffering from that coma that the first episode of Musaigen no Phantom World put me into, my only hope was this show.
I found the premise to be on a really interesting topic - time travel! I thought A-1 pictures is doing a time travel story, must be filled with all the moe and gags. So, I went into this show with little expectations but oh God that first episode was amazing! I ended up watching the whole thing twice. I know I might be over-reacting here but this is something I have fantasized about when I used to get really bored in my college class (in my case it was saving everyone from a terrorist attack, haha). Finding myself thrown 5 minutes back in time, desperately looking for a way to prevent a tragedy. Seeing that whole thing animated just the way I dreamt was nothing but a treat to my brain. My neurons were firing with excitement and my heart was jumping with excitement to see this through. That was my first reaction to this.

So, a middle aged guy, who is a struggling manga author, often experiences a phenomenon where he finds himself back in time (usually 1-5 minutes) whenever a tragedy is going to occur around him. He calls it "Revival". And every time this happens, he finds himself in this state of urgency to find the cause of the tragedy to prevent it. The anime gives us a very good introduction of this where the main character saves a grade schooler from getting hit by a truck. And later on something much worse happens (don't want to spoil that), and which triggers this revival and sends him way back in time - 1988, back when he was a grade schooler.

Erased Gif 1

I thought it would be something like "The Girl who leapt through time" where the protagonist messes around with their powers but I couldn't have asked for a better first episode. It was a psychological thriller all the way, as if I was watching a movie. Though there are a lot of things on my mind about this revival phenomenon and the way the anime has portrayed this. The very first is, what happens if he ignores the revival? Does he go back again and again until he prevents the tragedy? Is it voluntary? Can he trigger revivals if he really tries? Has he ever told anyone about this?

Well, this is only the first episode and there are probably a ton of things that they need to answer from here on out. The most important of which is how they are going to setup their characters and how are they going to play around the fact that protagonist is now a grade schooler. If he is going to retain all of his memories then this will make for some really interesting out of the ordinary character development. Let's hope they don't ruin it with the unnecessary moe shenanigans or forced comedy. I have really high hopes for this series. Let's see how this goes.

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