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Wow man! 3 Weeks. When I started this whole thing a while ago, I didn't think I would go on a break like this out of the blue. But life's full of surprises and hardships ("Life is like a box of chocolates", something like that eh?).
So, a lot of things happened and now I'm in a tough situation. Some stuff happened in the family and now I've dropped out of college to take care of things. It's not so much of a tough situation, but it's more of an overwhelming situation where I just have a lot of things to think about at the same time. And trying to sort it all out while thinking about what to prioritize is quite nerve-racking. That was the whole reason I took a break from writing reviews here. But now that it is clear what path I'm going to take in life, I guess I just gotta keep going and everything will fall into place.

So, you can say that I'm 'officially' back now. I managed to finish a couple anime while I was away so I've finally updated the Anime List too (there are about 15 new entries). Also, I'll get back to the episodic reviews as soon as I can after I catch up to all the airing series (I wonder how Charlotte is going). Not to mention the new season is just around the corner with some very promising names like Noragami S2 & One Punch Man and more (I haven't seen that ep1/teaser yet). I am grateful to you guys for being patient with me as I try to get through this "phase". I'll try my best to write as much as I can because honestly, my fingers have been trembling to write out a whole damn novel if I could. I've already caught up with Overlord and Rokka no Yuusha. I'll be starting Charlotte and Gakkou Gurashi next. Not to mention the new episode for Gangsta is already out (and God Eater too, they didn't delay it surprisingly). It's gonna take me this week to get adjust my schedule. You'll probably see a new full review soon.Well, tl;dr, I'm back so prepare yourself for some awesome stuff!! hahaha...


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