Prison School Episode 7 - Review/Reaction

Prison School Episode 7 - Review/Reaction

Wow! This brainless shameless series about the weirdest bunch of guys you can ever find locked up in a weirdest school with the weirdest students and a weirdest Chairman just keeps getting weird and weird with every episode.
But it's surprisingly fun to watch. And the best part is that it doesn't majorly rely on all the ecchi fanservice, but rather on the obscene scenarios that the characters find themselves into, and the even more obscene actions that they take in those situations. This might not be anything phenomenal in terms of brilliant writing or something, but I have to say that the comedy is so well executed that you'll barely find yourself be bored with it. They really don't repeat their gags so much, there's always a surprise in every episode and Gakutou is just too awesome of a character.

Well, putting all that aside, today's episode was quite entertaining. The highly detailed one shot facial expressions that I was looking for returned, double riding the golden horse of glory with the MVP Gakutou as a leader. The whole psychological warfare that the Council is playing on the prisoners seems to be working just fine (You know the guy is depressed when he doodles himself doodling himself doodling) The snitch Shingo is either going to have a breakdown from this or he is gonna get is butt whooped by the other guys. Though I'm sure Kiyoshi will step in and stop everyone, its kind of obvious that it'll go that way if that happens. Well, I am a little eager to see how this turns out though.

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Gakutou stole the highlight again today with his strong sense of justice. It brings tears to my eyes seeing how much this guy respects the bond of friendship. Sacrificing his 7 years for a figurine but then sacrificing that as well for a bro. Gakutou, you will have your name etched in the golden books of history as one of the greatest bros in anime. (I know this is a bit of an exaggeration but it's fun) On the other hand, we had our vice president who got a real hard time from the crow master President. Punishing her by not punishing her for such an obscene act of hiding the fact that the toy sword she put in her mouth was from a restroom's floor, that's the President for ye. Some of you might be a little disappointed to see the VP clothed. It's really a punishment for the audience, especially those who are waiting for the Blu-Ray.

Not only that, a new character was introduced as well, who is probably going to act as a love interest for our rat Shingo. I once googled Prison School and found a manga panel which had a girl in the prison uniform, so I don't know if that's her but she definitely suits the type. As always, the episode was pretty good and left us with expectations for the next episode. Just what is the Crow Master planning to do with the little diary boy? Now I just want to see how this new romance that has been bubbling between our snitch and the "probably soon to be prisoner no 6" is going to play out. Also, how they are going to try to break Andou now is going to be interesting as well because the guy clearly loves getting punished. Since, they've already tried breaking Gakutou and Jou (and Kiyoshi is pretty much broken already and Shingo is already in their clutches), I want to see how this plays out. And how Chiyo is going to jump in again to save the day. Let's hope I keep laughing like this throughout the whole season as I enjoy learning the health benefits of Love Nector flavoured Oreos. [On a side note, there were no noticeable inconsistencies with the animation or anything so that's good (a lot of recent shows were badly animated in the last couple weeks)]

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