Prison School Episode 6 - Review/Reaction

Prison School Episode 6 Review/Reaction
This post contains spoilers. No. Wait. It's Prison School. Who the hell cares about spoilers here. It's dirty comedy. In fact, if you're not watching it, I'd say get on it right now!
Oh God! Who made this series? Seriously! How can one create such a shameless thing with godlike dirty comedy. Based on a manga written by Akira Hiramoto and done by J.C. Staff animation studio, Prison School is quickly rising to the top of my best comedy anime ever list with every new episode.
Since, I'm not a manga reader, I knew nothing of it when I started but man, I can only imagine how much you guys must have enjoyed it! (makes me a little jealous too because the anime is censored) There are giant boobies, weirdly drawn characters who will make you laugh on sight, the most bizarre character traits you'll ever find, a variety of lewd situations and a lot of torn up buttholes! (though that last one isn't something to look forward to)

So, today on Prison School's episode 6, Kiyoshi gets another one of those severe extra bloody haemorrhoids. And this time, it's not a side effect of Hindu Squats but his own friend, the ant lover, Joe. This is one of those ecchi shows where I feel like "I'm good watching it, but I'll never want to be in this". As much as the idea of being one of the only 5 guys in the whole boarding school might sound fascinating, I'm pretty content with my relationship status, dignity and the size of my butthole. So, with all the turmoil that our prisoners already had, now the Council is hellbent on getting the guys expelled. They're resorting to some underhanded tactics now by trying to get Shingo to be a snitch. And since the guy was already pissed, he gets lured in right between the vice president's giant cleavage with some delicious food as bait. (well, food works really well as bait for men)

Prison School Gif 1

After getting a bit of information out him, the president decides to target our poor little Joe and his ant farm. But the plan is foiled by our hero Kiyoshi's brave attempt which ends with Joe getting kicked into solitary confinement and Kiyoshi getting his butthole pierced with a stick (I kinda feel sad for the guy). Also, everyone's favourite Hana makes her return, determined more than ever to get her revenge on Kiyoshi. But as always, her plan backfires and she ends up getting into a lewd situation (poor Hana, why does it always have to be her). But I think the Chairman stole the day with that mousepad (hahahaha...). I feel like my wrists are hurting too writing all these reviews. Maybe I should get on amazon and order some good mousepads.

The episode was quite thrilling and hilarious (though it wasn't enough to top off the previous ones, especially the poop.mp3 one). I found the Chairman's mousepad scene to be the most hilarious and Gakutou turmoil over not being able to support his bro a little touching. Now, I am just waiting for some more of the dirty jokes this anime is going to throw at me. After all, they've used that butthole thing twice already. I think Shingo is gonna get a good amount of screen time for the next couple episodes. I am waiting to see how the anime further explores the bizarre personality of the other characters or how Hana is going to get sexually assaulted again. Well, the series is pretty entertaining right now. Let's see what this bromance in prison is going to do next.

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