Overlord Episode 7 - Review/Reaction

Overlord Episode 7 - Review/Reaction
This post contains spoilers. Please do not read if you're not following Overlord (or Charlotte).
"I was expecting more from the name Wise King of the Forest... That is a letdown. A complete letdown." Those are exactly my thoughts on today's episode.
There I was, finally expecting a good showdown today with Momonga stomping some lowly creatures like maggots while looking super cool in his full plated armor, but here I am looking at a pet Hamster with a long tail and a "gozaru" verbal tick. Maybe Ayumi just died in Charlotte and was transported here as a hamster to find a new recipe for pizza sauce that doesn't taste like crap. (I'm just a little mad because I didn't get my weekly sadist quota. Or get to see the yandere Albedo) Oh come on! This is not what world domination looks like. I know about the whole "dream big, start small" saying, but for a 13 episode series, this route is going to take a very long time to accomplish.

Even though nothing major happened in today's episode action-wise, the current quest with the whole emo guy with his hair all over his face seems to have been completed at last with a good outcome (Now just get him soaked in water and give him a job to seek out all the special ability users in town). He finally realised who he was dealing with and started acting like a total fanboy but was rejected smoothly by Momonga. I have to say, Momonga is handling every situation in a very ingenious way, never giving out too much information and always having the upper hand, all the while being immune to any sort of flattery. The guy probably has a very good self-image of himself in his head. Well, he is acting like he is going to fulfil a higher density than any other average person so that makes sense. I can totally relate to the guy (and it's not just because of my sadist part hahahahaha...)

Overlord Gif 1

As much as I rant about how this series is slower than a snail, I still don't hate this one bit. Why? Solely because of the protagonist's character - his nature, attitude and how he handles situations. Even in today's episode, he knew that whatever it was that he was going to face in that forest, he would be able to beat it for sure, but he still approached with caution. You know, it's that humble approach he always chooses to go with, that is what's keeping me hooked to this series. Not only that, all the internal comments that he makes as things happens around him are quite entertaining and something I would totally do if I was in his shoes. So, the fact that he doesn't act so cocky despite being a total badass and how relatable his character is, is something that is very different from the norm. You see, I am so fascinated by his character that I don't even care about his backstory right now, as if it would lower the badass impression he already has. (Yes, I am a total fanboy right now)

Well, that's enough praising for the Supreme Being Overlord "Ains Ooal Gown" Momonga. Now that the psycho bitch has finally showed her face and jumped into the main scene, I will finally be able to witness a good hard stomping (Please don't let it be something like today's hamster, I want to watch her burn). And if that's not enough, there's that Old Necromancer to act as fodder as well. Since now we know that there are dragons here as well, my expectations and excitements are just going up and up. Probably because whenever I watch this anime, I try to imagine myself as Momonga with a whole RPG hud and all the in-game features (probably played way too much Dragon age and Skyrim). Or maybe because this is a near perfect Power Fantasy for a hardcore RPG gamer. Well, whatever happens in the next episode, I am eagerly waiting for it. Let's just hope that it will be nothing short of total pwnage.

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