Overlord Episode 6 - Review/Reaction

Overlord Episode 6 Review/Reaction

Well, our undead fantasy starring the overpowered lich is now crawling at the rate of "thisistooslowforme" plots/episode. Do they plan to stretch this show out into 7-8 seasons or something?
The plot is moving really really slow and I am not getting enough of those overpowered pwnage that I loved about this show in the beginning. Slaying a few ogres in one hit is no fun, you gotta crush some cocky bastard who thinks he's the boss to impress me. After all, that's the only reason I am watching this series because I heard that in the novel, Momonga does not hold back when fighting, he always judges the opponent as equal to him in power and goes all out. I wanna see those overkills, shattered pride and everyone in awe of how cool Momonga is right from the beginning of the battle. I wanna see those little maggots burn and being crushed like little worthless bugs. (*cough* *cough* sorry, my inner Sadist came out) But seriously, all that powerup shit has been so overused already that I am getting quite sick of the anime protagonists who do that. So, when I started this, I was pleased with it, despite the whole premise being nothing more than average.

But with the pace the series is going now, I think it's gonna take a couple more seasons for Momonga to even take damage from someone. He's taking this world domination thing pretty slow, teaming up with some lowlifes. So, on this new adventure with some random party from a random town on a random quest for some random pharmacist with a random rare ability, some random ogres popped out while they were on their way to the forest. As expected, the whole thing was wrapped up pretty quickly by our Mr. Momonga who went dual handed Kirito mode on the ogres, wiping them out in a single slash. Also, Nabe showed off a little skill of hers which also looked nice, but her attitude is much cooler and entertaining to watch.

Overlord Episode 6 Gif 1
Albedo, stay in character, body pillow is cool but don't go making socks and stuff.
In short, nothing really happened in episode 6 (I wonder what Madhouse is thinking). Besides my dear Albedo's appearance (wrapped up in a body pillow in Momonga's bed) and Nabe's attitude, I didn't really find anything amusing. I really hope that they get a move on soon because I don't think that random necromancer is going to be much of challenge to Momonga. Maybe, the armor might hinder him from going all out but I don't think he's gonna get a single scratch from that weak old geezer. I am just eagerly waiting to see that psycho bitch being crushed to nothing by our lich. Especially the expressions she'll make when that happens. (sorry, sadist mode getting turned on again. I told you I love power fantasies)

*sighs* At this point, I am starting to feel a little disappointed with this. But, let's not lose hope yet, who knows what might happen next. (I just really wanna see absolute domination) I am guessing that emo guy with his hair all over his face is hiding something maybe. After all, he specifically asked Momonga to assist him in this adventure. I might just drop this if they keep this slow pace and nothing happens in the next couple episodes. (I have Shimoneta and Prison School for more entertainment). Let's just hope that we get to see some pwnage in the next episode.

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