Gangsta Episode 7 - Review/Reaction

Gangsta Episode 7 Review Reaction
As always, episodic posts contain spoilers. So don't read if you're not following Gangsta.
Oh My God look at all this love necta... oh wait. Wrong anime. Looks like Manglobe's Gangsta has finally starting to show it's weaknesses a little. Oh don't worry, this isn't about the story or the characters, but rather, the animation of the show.
Yes. The animation quality in today's episode seems to have dropped as there were quite a few sloppy scenes all over the episode. I know this because I carefully watch every frame for my anime edits. A lot of detail was lost in some scenes and they looked plain. Well, at least it wasn't as bad as DBZ Super bad, but it was quite noticeable and I'm not letting it pass. I don't care if they're saving up for later episodes, it really bothered me when I was looking for some good screencaps. I mean, look at last episode's young Worick (the detail is so nice).

Well, that's enough about that. So, looks like the plot is slowly unfolding now with two main antagonists coming into the scene. Not to mention the backstory of our main duo has almost wrapped up everything, including how Worick lost his one eye and his family, and possibly why Nicolas has been with him for all this time. I think all that's left is how they get out of that tough situation or how the whole situation regarding the twilights was solved at the time and maybe Nicolas killing his father (maybe). Anyways, I liked the flashback where Worick lost his eye, that was well done, though its a little difficult for me to get a read on the young Nicolas. Because of how he called for his father when they were leaving despite knowing that he abandoned his mother and he was clearly using him but then 'helped' Nicolas by killing his father (or maybe because he just doesn't talk much, even inside his own head). As for how the whole thing is unfolding slowly in real time is already quite exciting and raising my expectations (I mean, look at Nicolas' expression at the end. You know shit's gonna go down when the main character gives off that badass smirk).

Gangsta. gif 1

Now, let's talk about these two villains of ours now shall we. Looks like one of them is just a kid (or maybe just looks like one) and the other one is some psycho. I'm thinking they have some history with Twilights slaughtering their family or destroying their lives (or maybe they're fellow tags) and that's why they are here or were hired by someone to exterminate Tags. Whatever the reason may be, they are crazy strong because they've already killed some powerful people. It'll be a crazy fight. Not only that, Nicolas seems to recognise one of them, so there's that.

Anyways, I enjoyed the episode despite the drop in the animation quality. It had a good mix of some light-hearted moments in the now and some gruesome and dark flashbacks from the past. Thanks to that, the relationship between Worick and Nicolas has become even more complex now. Maybe Alex needed a little more development there but everything is setting up nicely for the plot that unravels in the future. So, expectations are high. Let's hope they keep delivering this.

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August 25, 2015 at 2:51 PM delete

This reminds me of some poor quality in a couple of episodes of Samurai Champloo, another Manglobe series. Thankfully, that alone wasn't enough to take away from the anime as a whole and I doubt it will do that here for Gangsta too. For reasons I can't remember, Manglobe did comment at that time about those sub-quality animated episodes of SamCham, saying they allowed their B team animators get some work in for a few episodes for experience. The storyline and characters didn't suffer but the animation quality was indeed noticeable. Thankfully, the A team came back to do the rest. It makes me wonder, though: I can understand if it's a LOOONG series, but this is only 12 episodes long so why even have a B team on this? I hope it gets renewed for another season, though they are almost caught up to the manga and will be soon. Thanks for your review.