Gangsta Episode 6 - Review/Reaction

Gangsta Episode 6 - Review/Reaction
Note : This post contains spoilers. Don't read if you're not following Gangsta.
So, studio Manglove's most anticipated anime of the season Gangsta continues to deliver a stellar performance. After that desperate attempt to disrupt the power balance in Ergastulum by Corsica last week, things have calmed down a little.
Nicolas in the hospital battling all those downers that were shot into his system by that cruel bitch Gina. So, we spend most of the episode taking a trip down memory lane, back to the old times when our main characters were young and Worick was called Master Wallace. The show further explores their dark past and how both of them bonded over that tough period in their adolescence while foreshadowing a possible plot development in real time.

Looks like some sort of Anti Tag movement was formed years ago demanding the government to kill all the Twilights and ban their usage as well. During that time, the bad guys used these twilights to crush that rebellion but looks like that same threat is going to surface again. Looks like we're finally gonna have a proper antagonist this time (whoever that old geezer is). I like that they are further exploring the intricate relationship that Worick and Nicolas have by showing us those flashbacks. The good thing about that is that these flashbacks are timed nicely and every time, we learn something that changes our outlook on the main characters. I mean, so far, I thought why the heck would Nicolas kill Worick's family, and even if he did, how did they became friends afterwards? Now it looks like something happened in the past that made Nico go crazy and just slaughter everyone (or maybe it was the work of someone else entirely. I like the suspense).

Gangsta. Gif 1

And finally, our dear Alex got some screen time and a little dose (very little) of a much needed character development. She was already having those crazy hallucinations but now we know it was due to detox from all those drugs that Barry put her on while she was working for him. So, she was tempted to return to her old habits to get her hands on those drugs. And as expected, she caves in and goes ahead and buys those drugs. Worick had to headbutt the crap out of her (which kinda backfired) to snap her out of the hallucinations and the drug rage (that surprise kiss though). I don't know what role Alex is going to play in this anime (besides her sexy role in the opening), but I expect to see her developed a little. And not in a way that she just walks in during the climax and shoots the main villain when the protagonists are in a pinch. That kind of thing would really piss me off.

So, for now, everything's all quite and calm while our deaf katana wielder gets to recover from all those downers. Speaking of downers, a fact was revealed for that tiny A/0 Tag guy with the dual machete that he has high tolerance against downers (my spidey senses are tingling). But this is just the quite before the storm. I expect things to get even messier now. A badass female who's currently in an antagonist's role but has a lot of reputation amongst the most powerful (Gina), some gang planning to disrupt the power balance, I don't know, I am getting a serious Black Lagoon vibe from here. Well, let's wait and see how this turns out.

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