Gakkou Gurashi Episode 7 - Review/Reaction

Gakkou Gurashi Episode 7 - Review/Reaction
This post contains spoilers. Please do not read if you're not following Gakkou Gurashi.

Hope. Hope is something that can pull someone out of the depths of hell. If you have hope, you can go through anything. Hope is the greatest strength of humanity. So, here I am, still hoping, to see things get a little more serious but sadly, all I get is delusions spawned from a crack overdose.
*sighs* When will those blood thirsty zombies break through and wreak havoc on these highschool girls? When will they start running and screaming? When will they tremble with fear? When will the dark side of the force take over? Well, who knows when that's gonna happen. At least we know now that winter is coming. Here's to hoping the creator of this anime is familiar with Game of Thrones and he made that line to signal lots of character deaths ahead. I know that sounds ridiculous but then again I started this reaction/review with the word "hope".

Well, the best thing that happened today is that Yuki seems to be snapping out of her delusions slowly as facts and figures in the conversations don't add up. The transition/fluctuation in her personality was done in a nice way and I had my hopes up. But then she just reverted back to her old self after a while. Well, at least now there's hope that she will probably snap out of it soon, and it will be something worth a watch. I'm just a little confused about the timeline right now. I mean, we were supposed to be in a flashback ever since episode 4 when they started showing the backstories. So, are we in real time yet or is this still flashback (looks like a flashback to me). This has been one long flashback though. At least we have more character development now with the dynamic between the Club members getting more and more interesting. I still feel that the silent guardian Rii-san's (aka Yuuri) character needs to be more fleshed out.

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On the other hand, our "Banri" Megu-nee makes an appearance, now as a glowing ghost giving us all a kick in the heart trying to tear it all up. Yeah, it was a little sad to witness that. I just have a bad feeling about this. I mean what am I gonna do if both Charlotte and this anime start to get all sad and depressing at the same time? I don't quite have the budget for all those tissue boxes. Anyways, the episode was good and it added quite a bit to the storyline and opened up some new possibilities for the future. I find it nice that the characters were talking about winter coming up and how it's getting cold and thinking about how they're going to deal with that.

One thing that I really can't wrap my head around is the amount of plotholes (or maybe inconsistencies) that arise because of the fact that Megu-nee died before Miku joined the group. That means that all those 'adventures' in the first couple episodes probably had a fake Megu-nee. And I just can't accept that event in episode 2 where Megu-nee pulls Yuki to the side when a zombie appears in the storeroom. I mean, she didn't really exist, so, was Yuki just playing that part on her own?? I get how everyone thanked Megu-nee later in bit of an awkward fashion and how it adds up to the fact that she was imaginary, I just have a little difficulty accepting certain other things. Well, I guess I'm being too picky. I mean, it's hard enough to try to mix moe and horror in such a good way with those plot twist, I can't be nitpicking about every little thing now.

So, I expect that things will take a turn for the worse in the final few episodes maybe (or at least I hope they will) and we will have some sad dark moments filled with gore. Because I'll be seriously pissed if something like a sudden rescue 'straight outta nowhere' happens as a result of those letters they tied to the balloon. I know it will make sense, but it won't be a satisfactory ending for me. Still, I am enjoying this so far. Let's hope they keep this up till the very end.

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