Charlotte Episode 8 - Review/Reaction

Charlotte Episode 8 - Review/Reaction
This post contains spoilers. Please do not read if you're not following Charlotte.
Did anyone else miss pizza sauce? Well, I sure as hell kinda missed the whole cheery gozaru tick. But no one misses the late Ayumi more than his own brother Yuu. So, as expected, he goes back to his normal life, to school, where he is welcomed by the other members of the Student Council.
There's a little Yusarin gag where she casts one of her "magic spells" on Yuu making Joujiro enter his complete fanboy mode which in the end results in Tomori going with her usual "Such a turn off" phrase. Then there's a music video, which was a little weird to watch (becuase the lyrics didn't make much sense). I think it was to kill time because the only interesting part was the second half of the episode, where ZHIEND's vocalist just randomly bumps into Yuu and they hang out for the rest of the day.

In case you're wondering what the heck this ZHIEND is, it's a post-rock band in the anime. Apparently, Tomori's elder brother was a big fan. So, when Yuu realises who that blind girl is, he decides to have her meet up with Tomori. But Tomori's reaction was a little surprising because she didn't seem interested at all. So, the guy ends up taking the vocalist to visit her elder brother at the hospital. That's where she sings a little verse and after a really big flashy scene with some thriller music we realise that Sarah the Vocalist is none other than Jesus. (okay bad joke maybe)Even the whole meet up was totally random, it at least left me with a good experience. That solo around the end was amazing. It really caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting a voice like that, so I really liked that little surprise. I really hope that it will be on the soundtrack or something. Or if you know who that singer is, please do tell me about her. I loved her voice, it was very calming. (I don't care about her English)

Charlotte Episode 8

Now here's a crazy fan theory about today's episode :Maybe Nao was actually there the whole time but since Sarah is blind, she either didn't see her or just picked up on the fact that she didn't want to be noticed. So when her brother came out of his mental state, he said Nao not because he heard Yuu but because he saw Nao standing there. Well, we'll know all about that in the next episode. I just think that she was avoiding that so she wouldn't get hurt in case it didn't work. Either way, it is good.

I am just a little worried about that death flag Nao set up by giving her precious music player to Yuu. I think that would be devastating to watch but interesting. Very interesting.

Anyways, the episode wasn't too bad, even though the change in tone was a bit sudden. But this is a short series, so I guess they are gonna have rush things a little if they are gonna try to wrap this up in time without having to rush this too much. I really think bad things are gonna happen in that concert because it is just too perfect to be real for this anime. Let's just hope we have enough tissues.

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