Charlotte Episode 7 - Review/Reaction

Charlotte Episode 7 - Review/Reaction
This post contains a lot of pizza sauce... I mean spoilers. Don't read if you're not following Charlotte.
"They said I could be anything, so I became pizza sauce."
Whoever made that joke, that's just brutal! So, Jun Maeda's recent "tear-jerker" Charlotte is finally saying goodbye to all the pizza sauce for good.
At least now, our protagonist can have all the delicious meals he always wanted. So he starts off with Naruto's good old favourite - Noodles! And then moves on to some pizza (without the pizza sauce) and then some dango. Way to go man! Okay, seriously, the episode went about in an unexpected way. A rather good way at that. I thought it was gonna go with something like this -Yuu gets depressed. He holes himself up in his room for days but then some of the other guys come to check up on him and he refuses to see any of them. But then our student council President Tomori sneaks in the home and says some touching stuff that reminds Yuu of his sister. He cries a lot and then decides to live for her and then everything goes back to the way it was. Everyone lives happily ever after.

But surprisingly they didn't take that route. Instead, Yuu, after going through the usual depressed-holed-up-in-home phase, snaps and runs away from home with a lot of cash and starts living at an internet cafe. Then he starts getting into fights and abuses his ability to win them. Basically, he starts going down that scary dark road only to be kicked back to senses by our Student Council President Tomori, who then later shoves some pizza sauce flavoured omelet rice down his throat which wakes him up & makes him cry. (Oh did I mention he almost snorted some coke.)

Charlotte Gif 1

Well, I think Yuu's breakdown was quite well done though it might have been a little too much. But hey, everyone takes death differently so I guess I can't really complain. After all, I am glad they didn't just "take care" of it the usual way with a cheap quote making the character cry. So I'll give the series some good points for that. Also bringing out the "ex" (whose not really an ex) was a nice touch. The episode ended up giving some character development to the main pair but also left a lot of question unanswered. Some of them are still there from the previous episode.

The good thing is that it is established now that Tomori cares about Yuu. I mean, if someone is going to track you down for that long and be there to stop you from going down the wrong path, its a pretty safe bet to say that they have feelings for you. So, now if any romance pops up between the two (which surely will), it wouldn't be so awkward. Though it certainly needs more nurturing. As for the questions, the biggest one yet is "Is Ayumi really dead?" You can find a bunch of weird theories surrounding that with the most prominent one being on time travel. Well, I think it's good for me if I believe she is dead but who knows. Then there's the question that just who were those guys in suits that were outside Yuu's home? And that girl who came running in the last episode. And last but not the least, the mysterious older brother in those flashbacks is still there.

Well, I guess this is where things will start to really matter, now that the protagonist is going to get serious now. I am guessing that some organisation is going to raid the whole school or something and they're gonna be on the run for a while as some people will be sacrificed. Maybe then they'll find someone with time travel powers and go back in time to make it so that the organisation never existed or that the powers never exist and the protagonist can live happily with his sister and his love Tomori. (I have no idea where that came from) Anyways, its going in a good direction now. Let's hope everything stays on track.

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