Charlotte Episode 6 - Review/Reaction

Charlotte Episode 6 - Review/Reaction
Note: This post contains spoilers. Read only if you are following the anime.
After that tacky episode last week with an Angel Beats! reference and a flying man as a suspect of the week, this week, things take a drastic turn as the suspect is none other than our protagonist's little sister with an annoying gozaru verbal tick, Otose Ayumi.
Finally, as Jun Maeda said, the anime is starting to show it's true colors now with the only family member (really?) left of our MC getting themselves knee deep in trouble. This tragic development was foreshadowed at the beginning but the execution of that seemed a little rushed. But at least the whole thing was consistent and things didn't just pop out of nowhere to help move the plot forward.

So, after getting bedridden with a fever and a subsequent nightmare, the Yusarin fangirl Ayumi is suspected of having a special ability as the weird wet guy with his hair falling over his face indicated. The suspense of what this ability is is retained until the very end of the episode. Apparently she has the ability to collapse everything around her which makes it a literally suicidal ability to have. I though she was gonna die for sure from all that nosebleed from seeing Yusarin in person but apparently she ends up being buried under a whole school block with the episode ending at a cliffhanger. But this isn't really surprising as no sibling is safe in this anime. Yuu's reaction was nice seeing how he just blindly went into the rubble searching for his sister but I wonder what the heck that weird wet guy with his hair falling over his face was doing at the end standing in the rain. (What's he gonna do? Take a piss? Not to mention the convenient rain right on time to give a gloomy look. But look, we got blood for the first time in this anime.)

Charlotte Gif 1
Charlotte : We'll take all your siblings and hurt them... really... really bad.
The episode was quite good considering that it gave a big push to the whole plot of the anime in a direction I would like to see it going. I probably think Yuu is going to survive though I'm not so sure about his sister (Seeing that all siblings have been 'damaged' so far). Let's hope that brings some huge character change into our main character and now he takes this whole business involving saving the special kids more seriously. I also think that some kind of a dark organisation will soon come into the picture to shake things up and make our characters go through some hardships. In short, I liked it, and now expectations are rising. Let's hope it lives upto them.

P.S. The subtle changes in the opening and the ending every episode hinting/foreshadowing some future plot is a nice touch. Now, let's see if what they all said about this anime being a really sad tear jerker is really true or not. Also, cliffhangers are annoying when you're watching an airing anime. (Hate to wait. Binge watcher for life!

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