Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches Review

Yamada-kun no 7nin no Majo
"Without patience, magic would be undiscovered - in rushing everything, we would never hear it's whisper inside."
Whether it be magic or the plot of an anime, rushing things almost never ever works out. Sure, when you're on a budget, covering everything might not be feasible for you, but trying to fit such a big plot into a mere 12 episodes is like trying to fit an elephant into a refrigerator.
(Even for a magic trick, that's idiotic) Because when you try to fit that huge elephant (the plot) into a tiny refrigerator (the anime), you end up throwing everything essential that was inside, out of the window (like the characters and the subtle pacing) because there's simply not enough space. (no. of episodes) And the audience is left wondering, "What the heck is this moron trying to do? Are we supposed to laugh or something?" And so, you end up compromising the good reputation of the source material as well, along with your embarrassing failure at trying to recreate the thing on such a short budget.

Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches, with it's very interesting plot and amazing first few episodes (and the OVAs), is a perfect example of the above said scenario. The story starts off really well with a body swap, something that reminds me of Kokoro Connect, with our main character having his consciousness transferred into a female's body. (You can guess what was the first thing he did) So apparently, that girl is a 'witch'. The term 'witch' is used very loosely here as the girls don't go around casting magical spells wearing some weird costumes with a lot of frills. Rather, they have one power and it activates with a kiss. As the story moves on, witches come into the scene one by one, and the anime becomes a conquest. (Sort of like the World God Only Knows)

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This is where a lot of problems start surfacing as the plot is being rushed around. Like I said, the first few episodes were really well done and all the elements - the comedy, slight ecchi, the characters, the witches and their conquest, blended in quite well and provided a good amount of entertainment. But soon enough, all that starts turning into a big mess. As the anime progresses, the witches are not given an appropriate amount of time to develop as a character and as a result, their 'conquest' becomes really rushed, to the point that it feels like everything's happening for plot's sake. The elements that were the good points of the anime - the comedy, all the yuri and yaoi and the kisses, the witches and their powers, are abused to a point that they lose their 'magic'. The characters start exchanging kisses like handshakes or greetings which makes it look really awkward and forced; the witches only appear when the plot demands and some are just completely ignored - like Meiko, who just disappears after her conquest. (It's not like I like that green haired glasses girl or anything... baka!!) . And last but not the least, why is Miyabi a main character? She gets little to no time in the anime, never really contributes to the plot (or the fanservice) and is pretty much useless.Now, I haven't read the source material myself but all my friends who have read it, they all agree that the whole thing was really rushed and that it was a huge let-down when compared to the manga.

Not everything about this anime is bad either. For an ecchi comedy, it did it's job really well in making me laugh. Like I said, the whole situation regarding the witches, their powers and they way they are activated (with a kiss) makes up for some hilarious and awkward situations. And they even threw in some yaoi and yuri as well, which makes it a bonus as it was pretty funny to watch when those situations surfaced for the first time. And since the main character kisses almost every other character in the show, that sort of satisfies all those OTP shippers out there. Another 'curse' that this anime dodged really well was how it came really close to being a harem without the main character being oblivious to the fact that all those girls like him or just dancing around a misunderstanding. What I mean is that the usual rom-com frustration wasn't there.

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Since this is one of those shows where the plot does not factor in majorly for the enjoyment and the characters lead the show, it's really important that those characters are well written. The characters in Yamada-kun and the 7 witches are, to be honest, not that extraordinary. Despite being slightly different from the norm, the way the show is rushed really ruins all the merit that the characters have by making their developments look forced and awkward. Take the main character Shiraishi for example. In the first few episodes, there is plenty of interaction between her and the main character Yamada besides the witch hunting and her character gets developed in a good way as her nature becomes clear with every episode. But after around episode 5, she is reduced to a mere plot device, to be used as a tool in the conquest of the witches. As a result, the romance between her and Yamada does not get to bloom properly and the beautiful ending to that romance loses it's color. (Trust me, I really wanted to like this show)
I have already said about how the other characters were treated in the anime (the other witches and the main character miyabi). The character chemistries are good to watch, the jokes are funny, the ecchi is entertaining (there's loads of pantyshots and kisses for you to enjoy) and the romance ends nicely. (What more can ye ask?)

Since we're talking about the 'good' parts, I should address the topic of the show's animation. LIDENFILMS has done a great job here in animating this series. The characters look good and refreshing, and their movements are fluid for the most part. Though the rainbow hair color on the females and the blue-black gradient colored hair of the hot-headed main character might be a bother for some. (I don't really mind that) The opening looks and sounds nice while the ending is okay. The soundtrack fits in nicely though I didn't find myself looking for songs on the internet.

So, overall, this anime was good for an ecchi rom-com with it's interesting premise but I just couldn't bring myself to like it because of how rushed it was. (Or maybe it was because of prejudice) But, if you are really interested in watching this, give the first few episodes a try, you might end up liking it.
Yamada-kun no 7nin no Majo Rating

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