Summer Season 2015 First Impressions - Part 2

Summer Season 2015 First Impressions - Part 2

Well, it's time for part 2 of my Summer Season 2015 First Impressions. Since, part 1 covered some moe-ish light slice of life shows, part 2 is going to cover some of the serious/extreme stuff.
So, we have got lots of gang violence, demon overlords and students being treated as prisoners. This season might not look so great when you look at the plot lines but it is quite interesting and has been very entertaining so far. So, continuing from the last post, these are the remaining 6 anime from my "instinct based plan to watch" list.
Let's get started.

God Eater

Since the name 'ufotable' was attached to it, this anime was bound to be hyped to the heavens. Not to mention these sly opportunistic bastards caught up to it and decided to delay the first episode, adding fuel to the already burning hype. As a result, the expectations went sky high and when the first episode aired, a war broke out on all the community forums on how this was either the greatest anime of the year or yet another shitty shounen with some top-notch animation. Based on a PSP action RPG game with the name "God Eater Burst", God eater is setup in a dystopia where most of the humanity has been wiped out by the mysterious monsters called the Aragami. The rest of the survivors are living in cities surrounded by walls all over the world. So to fight this threat, an organisation called Fenrir has been setup. They have developed these weapons called God Arcs from the cells of the Aragami which are capable of killing these creatures and the wielders of these God Arcs are called God Eaters. A God Arc can either be a long range type in the form of a gun or a short range type in the form of a sword, but recently a new type has been developed which can transform into both.

So the story begins with our main character Lenka Utsugi being chosen for the new type God Arc. Since the compatibility with the new types is quite low in most people, our MC gets to have some special treatment by the organisation. While he was still training how to use this new-found power, the Aragami launched an attack on the city and were able to break through the walls. And unlike any other hot headed main protagonist, the guy sets out to kill all the Aragami defying all his superiors' orders. As expected, he isn't able to do much but his courage catches the attention of the leader of the top squad, who then later on recruit him. And so the journey begins.

Now, on first look this might strike you as a rip-off of Attack on Titan. But in it's defense, I'd say that it is just human nature to build walls around things we want to protect (Look at history). But yes, the resemblance between the main character of both shows is pretty obvious. They both hate the race that's threatening their survival and both are hot headed and charge head on without thinking much. Since only three episodes have aired so far, I don't really have a good handle on this. They are merely introducing the characters. So right now, the thing that really stands out about this show is it's animation. Ufotable is really doing things outside the box here. The artstyle is quite different from the norm and the characters sort of look like they are CG (they're probably not) and they are using different camera angles with the extensive use of slow motion scenes (Showing off their deep pockets). So far, I am liking the way they are doing things but you might find it a little awkward so I'd say to go in with an open mind.

This is probably going to be an action heavy series with some eye candy visuals. Those of you who are annoyed by seeing the same action protagonist everywhere, (and the cliches) this is no different, so, stay away. (at least that's what the situation is so far) But if you like seeing some kickass action and don't really care about all the cliches, you can follow this for the rest of the season as it probably won't disappoint you. It is being done by Ufotable after all.

I like this show. And not just for the whole Madhouse bias that I talked about in part 1, but because it's nice. Sure, the show is pretty average if you really look at it with the whole stuck in an rpg game premise (something that has been milked to death already), but I like the way this is setup.
Being produced by the animation giant Madhouse, Overlord revolves around Momonga, a guy who used to be a veteran and co-owner of an OP guild at an old RPG game called Yggdrasil which is going to shut down soon. Unable to completely let go of all those memories, he decides to stay in the game until the last moment till the servers go down. But after the countdown ends, he finds himself still logged in the game, unable to log out or contact a GM. So, after following the usual "Oh boy! Looks like I'm trapped in the game" drill, he decides to do certain checks. And the action he takes is to fondle the boobs of an NPC. (this is where he caught my attention) Don't worry, this isn't an ecchi anime, though, I think that was a brilliant move. So, after concluding that he is, in fact, stuck here and that all the NPC are behaving like real people now, he decides to work on a strategy to find some other players. To do so he decides to make himself famous in this world (basically world domination).

As I said already, the premise is nothing new and the show is really just above average and there are some pacing issues as well, I like this new take on the RPG game world where the main character is the overpowered villain and not a hero. I like that the anime took it's time to set things up by giving us proper introductions to this world via the protagonist. Also, how they introduced his 'squad' of servants/villains and how he got used to acting like an almighty lord felt a little refreshing. Surely, the show is moving pretty slow right now so I hope they don't try to wrap everything up in just a one cour season. The reason why I'm enjoying this is probably because I always imagined this sort of scenario whenever I thought of being trapped in an rpg game, so it's just exciting for me. (Yeah, I'd rather be a badass OP last boss than a whiny OP hero)

So, if you are looking for a really good take on the whole "trapped in an rpg game" premise, don't watch this anime. It's refreshing and I am enjoying it, but it's not that extraordinary. As I said, there is a personal reason as to why I am enjoying this and if you can relate to that, then go for it. Else, proceed with caution.


Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai Or Shimoneta : A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist is quite a peculiar anime. Sometimes I'm really astonished by the sheer amount of ridiculousness of the plots of some anime out there, but what really caught my attention here was how shamelessly yet elegantly they're executing that ridiculous plotline. I think the long name already gives you a fair idea of what this anime is going to be about. So, sometime in the future, a new law "Law for Public Order and Morals in Healthy Child-Raising" was passed by the Japanese Government which banned all dirty words and pornographic material to raise the standard of morals in the country. People, including kids, are all monitored with devices around their neck and if they are caught speaking any of those dirty words, they'll be imprisoned.

So, in a society which is too "anal" about dirty jokes, there are people branded as terrorist who want to free the world from this "bondage" by rebelling against the "dick-tator" society. One of them is Ayame Kajou, the Student Council Vice President of Tokioka Academy - a prestigious school with elite public morals. She is the founder of Anti-Societal Organization (SOX) and she runs around wearing panties over her face shouting all the dirty words while distributing erotic pictures to citizens. And right on his first day our main protagonist Tanukichi gets to meet her and is forced to join forces with her in committing obscene acts of terrorism against the talented student council president Anna.

Big (ding)leberries! Doesn't that sound interesting? It was everything I expected it to be, they don't really hold back when making all those jokes and the shamelessness of Ayame is quite entertaining. So far, she has managed to single-handedly carry this show. Our protagonist, on the other hand, plays the role of the straight man who is forced to do all this stuff but secretly enjoys it. From "Dicks, boobs, pusssy" to doing a voice over of two flies having sex, you'll find all kinds of ridiculous jokes here. Yes the censorship is there as expected but it didn't really hinder my enjoyment. Not to mention that the ending is just ridiculous. (This is starting to reach Gintama levels)

Of course if you don't like a girl spouting all kinds of dirty stuff or simply that kind of comedy, this show isn't for you. But if you're just a shameless bastard like me who doesn't care about any of that and is just looking for a good laugh, you can pick this up. I won't say its something legendary, but it's good and I laughed. So, I'd say its worth a watch. (Still trying to figure out where the fourth mouth is)


Well this one is supposed to be the best pick from this season (at least that's what the facebook community says). Produced by Studio Mangblobe, Gangsta is setup in the fictional city of Ergastulum, the den of all the gans, theives, mafias and all kinds of killers. And amidst of all this violence are our main characters, Nicolas and Worick, who go by name "handymen" - guys who take on some very gruesome jobs that only the hardcore criminals can do. Even the cops ask for their help when things really get out of hand. Nicolas is a deaf asian guy who carries around a katana and uses sign language (and sometimes broken speech). He is one of the guys who are called "Tags" - ex-mercenary, people who were probably experimented upon since the day they were born, as a result, these guys have some exceptional physical strength and abilities. Worick on the other hand acts as the brains of the group but is equally aggressive and used to killing and violence.

With only 4 episodes so far, the series is doing good, though, it still needs to do a lot more to become exceptional. The atmosphere is dark which is reflected nicely by the artstyle and I like the appropriate amount of action, blood and gore that is present in every episode. So, I can safely say that the series is not as slow as you might expect it to be. As for the story so far, it's all really vague but I don't think I'm gonna get anything other than a bloody showdown towards the end, so I don't really care about it that much. The characters on the other hand are doing good so far. With all the flashbacks and the anime taking it's time to give us info about it's world, I really didn't mind that the story hasn't moved forward that much. Plus the characters are getting fleshed out. Though I do have a little problem with Alex's character so far.

Overall, whether this show is the best pick or not is debatable but it is definitely a 'safe' pick from this season. I doubt it will disappoint that many people. I personally think this is a good series, though not that phenomenal yet for me to label it a must watch from this season but I will definitely recommend this.

Rokka no Yuusha

Yet another shounen where the fate of the world rests on a bunch of compulsive teenage kids with psychological symptoms ranging from schizophrenia to a massive superiority complex. How many times has it been already? I heard someone saying how this was supposed to be a character centric series since it's based on a novel and not a manga. I don't know about you but kids throwing tantrums does not count as good character development in my book. (that's what I've witnessed so far) I'm not one of those guys who just shit on action shounen just because being a pretentious critic is the new cool in the anime community. I simply don't like Rokka no Yuusha so far. The hero's story is a formula that has been in storytelling long since anime came into existence so saying that stuff like this is cancer to the industry is just stupid. What matters is how they dress up that story with their characters and premise (at least for me).

Rokka no Yuusha is setup in a fantasy world where a demon lord once awakened a long time ago and nearly destroyed everything, only to be stopped by a person who was later called the "Goddess of Fate." But since the demon wasn't completely defeated, the goddess phrophesied that when the demon lord returns 6 people will be chosen to wield her power to defeat the demon. And since then, every 300 years or so, the demon lord has been appearing and the 6 people were chosen each time. So, now it's almost time that the demon lord makes another appearance and so the 6 people are chosen from across the world and now they're supposed to rendezvous at a temple. But when they finally get there, it seems like there is an extra person in the bunch. That's the story so far after 4 episodes.

Now first of all, why are the "braves" who are supposed to fight the Demon Lord and save the world are all teenage kids, some of which probably have never been in a real fight? So much for your sense of judgement, Goddess of Fate. I'm just a little frustrated at the fact that we're already 4 episodes in and we don't even know how the whole thing with the powers works. Or if these people gained these powers from the Goddess' blessing or they already had them to begin with. Look at our saint of blades who wields a conductor's baton and does not even do actual swordfight. She can summon some ugly looking CG dildos but that doesn't make her a blade master. Let's hope that our MC and other heores can do some amazing stuff like that as well. (that might make it a little more interesting)

I know I have ranted quite a bit now, but I still don't consider this to be a 'bad' show yet. It's just that my expectations were too high when I started. (So maybe a little disappointed here) The plot looks interesting and there are a lot of possibilities on how they're going to resolve the whole situation with the extra 'brave' there. As I mentioned, this is based on a novel, so I do expect some good character development in the future and hope that it isn't just people screaming and getting random powerups to defeat the enemy. Go for it if the premise sounds interesting to you, but don't expect too much.

Prison School

Oh boy! What can I say about this one. This just might turn out to be the most hilarious show of this season. (unless Gintama goes ahead and does something outrageous. Though 'outrageous' is the perfect word for this anime) Prison School, based on a manga with the same name, has one of the most unique comedy setup that I have ever come across. Produced by J.C. Staff (who are also doing Shokugeki no Souma and Shimoneta), Prison School revolves around 5 highschool students of Hachimitsu Private Academy who are confined to a prison in their boarding school due to their pervy act of peeking on the girls in the bathroom. You see the Academy used to be an all girls boarding school but now, for the first time, they are allowing boys to join in. So, only 5 people made the cut. And all 5 of them are quite 'extraordinary' - in looks and in character. Ranging from a fat masochistic man whose face looks like it was from one of those crazy Kim Jong-Un photoshop pictures to a really smart but equally perverted man who is willing to *minor spoiler* shit his pants in class for a bunch of figurines.

I often found myself laughing my guts out while watching this series. Yes, the comedy is the sort of dirty comedy (which maybe even gets disgusting at times) that many people might want to stay away from, but it is executed perfectly producing the maximum effect. Whether it be the special facial expressions that the characters make or just the sheer ridiculousness (and the pervyness) of the characters and their actions, everything is hilarious. All the dirty jokes and the situations that the characters get in and how they react, or the sheer shamelessness of the show, I don't think you will be able keep yourself from laughing.

Even though the show is censored, this is going to be the most entertaining series of this season. (At least IMO) Definitely pick this up if you love comedy, but if you're not used to some hardcore ecchi and jokes/situations so dirty that they're almost disgusting, you might want to stay away from this.

And last but not the least, screw all that Fairy Tail nakhama stuff, the real MVP is right here - Gakutou. Gakutou is the hero we all deserve. So he'll ruin his 3 years of highschool. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A true bro and hardcore figurine collector. A Dirty Knight.And so, there you have it. The 12 series I picked out just by instinct. I'm glad most of them turned out to be quite entertaining. Well, let's see how everything works out from here on out. I hope they all defy my expectations and we have a good season overall. One last thing, should I do a part 3? If yes, then what anime would you pick out for me? Comment below and let me know.

In case you missed, click here for Part 1.

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