Ore Monogatari Episode 14 - Review/Reaction

Ore Monogatari Episode 14 - Review/Reaction

I'm probably going to piss off a lot of people by saying this but Ore Monogatari is just really really boring now and it's almost painful to watch.
When the anime started, everything that was so different about this anime from a normal rom-com i.e., the protagonist, the girl, the best friend, their relationship and how they didn't dance around the misunderstanding felt really refreshing and I had my hopes up that this would be something different. Little did I know that they were just gonna repeat that same 'different' thing over and over again with little differences on the outside. It's like receiving the same present over and over with a new gift wrap on everytime. It's really taking a toll on my patience now.

I was really wishing for something interesting to happen now that a new character had popped up trying to disturb the whole balance in this 'perfect' world but I didn't get what I wanted. So, this anime has now started to disappoint me with every episode and how they just reuse the same old gags about Takeo being big and manly, Suna being cool and understanding and Yamato being cute and thirsty again and again. It's like watching a really cleverly done version of endless eight which is designed so that you wouldn't notice that it's the same thing. (Just how dumb do they think we are?)I mean, I loved that whole "Takeo is big" routine and the amount of gags they were pulling off using that. They were quite entertaining for the first 5-6 episodes. But when you're at episode 14 and you still see that same damn joke being repeated like 6 times, it becomes a pain to tolerate that. Not only that, the romance routine is just the same as well. It's the same old Yamato baking stuff for Takeo to eat and they're just doing their same old cute stuff like always - i.e, being a 'perfect' couple. You know what they say, "If the world was perfect, it'd be quite a boring place." It is pretty much the same thing for me with the relationship between the main characters now. 

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I might change my opinion if something different happens in the next few episodes (after all, I really liked this series), or else I am gonna have to drop it. (Sadly, but I have a huge backlog to deal with) I am really tired of this perfect boring world the perfect couple with their boring perfect romance. Hate me all you want for it but that's what I see now in this anime. And as a result I have decided to finally drop this series for good. Look, unless something tragic or dark happens to put some contrast in this love story I am not going to pick this back up. Of course if Suna gets a girlfriend, I might jump back right in but it doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon. So I guess, this is farewell for now. It's a good show, I really mean it, but I just can't enjoy it for that weird reason.

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