Ore Monogatari Episode 13 - Review/Reaction

Ore Monogatari!! Episode 13 - Review/Reaction

You know what they say, "Anything in excess is bad." This applies to cute too. Now. Now. I'm not going to go out and say that this series is turning bad, but yeah, this amount of cute is now getting a little boring as it seems to loose the effect it first had from the previous 12 episodes. I guess most of you are probably going to disagree with me but I do find that this whole cute couple routine is in a little disagreement with my whole philosophy about the "imperfectly perfect universe". That is to say that nothing is perfect! And so far, this couple is just far too perfect for me and I just can't seem to able to stomach that. I mean, they have got to have some sort of differences or farces at least. Honestly, this is getting a little boring for me now. I want something interesting!! (Or maybe it's just my frustration over not having a relationship like those two. Tch!)

Anyways, on episode 13 we finally have something interesting now. A new character has popped up and is planning to shake things up a little between our perfect couple. Well, it's more like the relationship between Takeo and Suna's sister. You see, this guy called Hayato from the same university as Suna's sister popped up saying that he wants to meet Takeo. He's in love with Suna's sister and apparently knows about her feeling for Takeo. So he wants to know who the heck this man his. And he gets the surprise that was waiting for him. (That is, an intimidating giant who might just literally swallow him up alive)

Ore Monogatari!! Gif 1
Thirsty Yamato is a good Yamato.

So, we spend this whole episode setting things up for the next one where Hayato is going to try to separate Yamato and Takeo on their trip to MM land so that Suna's sister can finally confess her feelings to Takeo and get it out of her system so she can finally move on and love someone else.Seeing as how close to a perfect ideal of a man Takeo's character has been, I doubt that he will be all that shaken up by that confession (yes there will be at least a little bit of 'drama'). What's important is how Ai-nesan is going to muster up the courage to actually confess her feelings to Takeo. I'm more worried about her than Takeo. (That man can handle tanks on his own)Finally something interesting and 'dramatic' is going to happen which going to shake up the whole 'perfect love utopia' the cute couple has created since the past 12 episodes. I am really looking forward to see some disturbances. (Yeah, some people just want to watch the world burn. Deal with it.)

Let us hope everything goes not so smoothly and I get to see them crash and burn. (muhahahahahaha!) I am a little serious now about dropping this series as I just can't handle the same repetitive gags now. They better change something now (like get Suna a girlfriend or some contrast to all the happiness) or I'm out.

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