Hibike! Euphonium Episode 13 [Finale] - Review/Reaction

Hibike! Euphonium Episode 13 Finale - Review/Reaction

This is one of those moments where I say "look how far they've come, they've grown so much" while I feel old sitting in my chair. No, wait. I'm supposed to say that when One Piece finally ends. (Hoping I'm still alive when that happens)

So, a little series about a group of highschool girls (mostly) in a concert band trying to make it to the nationals came to end today. This left quite a mark on me with how well it balanced the music and drama while keeping everything under control and not going too heavy on the emotion. Just about all music anime tend to have strong emotions displayed by their characters for their love of music/the instrument. Which is a good thing to see but after a while feels a little stale and sometimes even comes off as forced drama. (Though that happens very rarely) So when Hibike! Euphonium took it a little easy on the emotions, I actually liked it.

Everything was, well, just in the right place for me to just breeze through the show without having to think too much about it. It is not one of those shows that are too 'intense' or too moe and cute either. Yes, the character designs from KyotoAni are always going to give off at least a slight 'moe impression', but it was never too much for me. In fact, I saw some of the best done character designs from this season. (Especially how they did the previous episode) The show paid quite a lot of attention to the band politics at the beginning of the show and it was quite entertaining. How the students resisted their new teacher and gave the first year students a hard time, and how some of the past incidences played a crucial role in the structure of the band, or how the whole thing regarding the audition to select players for the tournament rather than giving the seniors priority caused a distress and how the members received it all; it was all done the right way. And the one thing that stood out the most, was how the anime maintained it's distance from romance throughout the show. Of course, there was the whole Yuri ship sailing joke but the anime never really took it seriously. (It was just KyotoAni trolling with us) So, it was something refreshing to see.

Hibike Gif 1
Sadly, nothing happened on the yuri ship :(
And the finale today wrapped up everything nicely, leaving us with expectations for a next season. Sadly, Yumiko and Reina didn't end up kissing in the final scene. (I was really betting on that. Damn you KyotoAni.) I guess I gotta pin my hopes for that on the next season. (If that comes) The music content was high quality and good on the ears. I like how they just played and there were no exaggerated reactions from the audience like "OMG! This is the best thing ever!" or "Oh look, you can see the music, the beautiful color". (I guess that last one doesn't really suit the image of a concert band. It's more for the piano or violin solos) As expected, our highschool band got to the nationals for the Kansai competition. (I wouldn't be talking about a second season if that didn't happen) The animation quality remained as good as usual. Though, I expected them to outdo themselves because in the previous episode, the character visuals were extra-ordinary and looked really gorgeous. Well, I guess they maintained that consistency throughout and that's a good thing.

So overall, Hibike! Euphonium comes off as one of those 'safe' picks this season. That still does not mean that you are 'definitely' going to like it. But if the premise is something that is up your alley, then it probably won't disappoint you. Especially if you are looking for a more realistic scenario on a highschool band which involves all the band politics and everything which is nicely balanced by some good music.

Final Rating : Gold - I Tier

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