Yamada-kun and the 7 witches Episode 10 - Review/Reaction

Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches Episode 10 - Review/Reaction
[Note: This is a reaction post, so please don't read this if you're not following the series as it contains spoilers. Thank You.]

Today on the 10th episode of "Yamada-kun and the 7 plot devices", a not so sadistic white haired Senjougahara makes an appearance with her scissors. As for the mystery of the 7th plot device, it's there too (in case you don't know who she is, check the promotional poster.
It's someone whose never been on screen before so I doubt that would help) and it did exactly what a plot device does, i.e., show up for a moment to say a few lines and then disappear.

Apparently, if someone besides the Student Council President learns the identity of the 7 witches, they will have their memories erased by the 7th witch's spell . Honselty, this twist was just too obvious, so it didn't surprise me at all. Instead of trying to make a little sense of why someone can't learn the identity of all 7 plot devices, they just go with it like nothing happened. Now I wouldn't have any qualms with that until they just start making the atmosphere all serious with everyone forgetting Yamada. I just wish that the show would stop taking itself so seriously, it's supposed to be a light hearted ecchi, I can't be serious when I have pantyshots thrown at my face every 5 minutes.

I liked how they dealt with the first three witches Odagiri, Shiraishi and Meiko and actually gave a backstory and everything, but afterwards it just all felt rushed. (I hate how Meiko just disappeared :( And why the heck is Miyabi a main character? Look at the number of lines she has every episode, or her presence, or contribution in the plot.) The show started off pretty well but now, I don't see how this is gonna end good. I hate when a shows has an amazing start but doesn't live up to that excitement towards the end. Well, two more episodes to go. I don't have many hopes from the finale because of how rushed this series has been since the very beginning but since I'm sort of a completionist, I can't drop this yet.

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Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu Episode 11 - Review/Reaction
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Well well well... Leaving us all on a cliffhanger last week, today we get some sort of resolution into the whole situation concerning the "disappearance" of the cute, clumsy and shy Yuki Nagato. Today, they give us a little explanation as to why the 'emotionless' Nagato is back out of the blue. Apparently it is a medical condition called dysmnesia, i.e., her personality has changed. 

I like the way the 'new' Nagato acts and interacts with people but the overall quality of the episode is still pretty average. (Though that back stabbing reference was funny) The animation style remains the same as the last episode with the whole environment being full of dull colours. I still won't recommend to pick this up as there are much better series airing this season, but I like this new turn of events and where this is headed. But if you are a Nagato fan like me, I can't really stop you now can I?Since this is going to be a 16 episode series, expect plenty of Nagato to come. So, enjoy your days while you wait for the next episode and maybe have a toast.

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Sorry for that last forced sentence, I just really wanted to include this gif here.

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