Yamada-kun and the 7 witches Episode 9

Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches Episode 9 - Review/Reaction

Today on the 9th episode of "Yamada-kun and the 700 kisses", we get to see the high-school students lurking around in their natural habitat during the cultural festival season.
Cultural festivals are the one of the many naturally occurring phenomenon in the ecosystem of a high-school where these beings called 'students' celebrate by putting up all kinds of stalls. So, what does our Supernatural Studies Club do? They put up a stall where the guy tells fortunes with some yakisoba bread on the side. But that's not the highlight today, the highlight is the suspense surrounding the identity of the 7th witch. (Well, the promotional poster completely destroys that because she's right there. But hey, let's play along)

Same old Yamada going around kissing guys and girls (I'm pretty sure the whole school knows now), with the same old school council president being a dick-tator (just what is a school council president anyway? Obama won't last two days in that guy's shoes) and the 'three' factions running around (yes three, there's a new player now) doing the president's bidding so he would let them sit on that glorious student council dildo for a year.

Yamada Gif 1

In case you can't tell by now, I'm not too happy with where this is going. The show was doing pretty good so far, but after watching the last two episodes I'm gonna have to take that back. The witches are merely plot devices now, I mean that green haired Meiko just disappeared after episode 6. The whole yaoi yuri stuff has gotten really predictable and boring and they kiss people like they're doing handshakes. Let's hope something interesting happens in the last two episodes else this would end up as just another average anime. (For an ecchi shounen, this has done well so far, I'll give it that.)
Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu Episode 10 - Review/Reaction

Nagato Yuki

The only reason I decided to do an episodic review of this is because for the past three episodes (8, 9 & 10), this series has done well making this a sort of a comeback. (Also, I love Nagato) The endless eight references in the eight episode, the cliffhanger in the 9th and yet another cliffhanger in the 10th. I must say, I had almost dropped all hopes of this coming even close to being average, but now this is looking good. You might not wanna read this further if you're not following the series.

So, on the 10th episode of "We're totally not milking the Haruhi franchise", the old emotionless Nagato has made an appearance. (Wait what?? Yeah.) The episode is titled 'Someday in the Rain', and it is just as boring and mundane as it was in the 'original' Haruhi anime until the episode ends. Hell, there are even the same scenes of clubroom done as a camera shot from the corner of the room. It is raining the whole episode and the whole color pallete is full of dull gloomy colours.

Nagato Gif 1
Continuing from the suspense of the last episode where Nagato almost got hit by a car, there is a sudden transition in Nagato's personality now. She seems to have reverted back to the Nagato from the original anime. She has lost all her expressions, doesn't smile, laugh, or even be clumsy or be 'moe' anymore. No more blushes, going all red whenever Kyon is around and she gives one word replies now. It felt like she has her 'fuck everything, I don't care' mode on. Being a Nagato fan, my excitement level was pretty high but I didn't get to see what I wanted. But I like how it ended on that cliffhanger. Looks like the whole 'disappearance' part is going to make sense now.
So, the series is still average but at least now it is a little interesting. Let's see what happens in the next episode.

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