Ore Monogatari Episode 9 - Review/Reaction

Ore Monogatari!! Episode 9 - Review/Reaction
Note : Please, if you are not following this series, do not read this as it contains info from previous episodes. Wait, why aren't you following this? This is possibly the best romance anime from this season! Just start it already!
*Suna and Takeo are staring at the sunset through the "butt-pine" tree*
Suna : Wow!
Takeo : Yeah!
Suna : You should've brought Yamato-san here.
Takeo : Yeah, I'd like to show this to her someday.
(I don't know, I just burst out laughing at the first line thinking how the two men appreciate the view of a sunset through a butt shaped pine tree.)

Okay so today on the episode 9 of 'The Manliest Man meets the Perfect Girlfriend' we have our main character, Shaq in a pinch as he is wondering what kind of underwear Suna wears. A few episodes ago, he was trying to kiss Suna and now this. It would be one hell of a plot twist if they ship them together. (hahaha) Well who knows, maybe some time in a future far far away, we might see these two guys walking holding hands in some weird obscure doujin panel. Well, for better or for worse, the dynamic between these two is something praiseworthy. I mean, from a first look, you might expect Suna to be a player and sometimes be a dick to Takeo but it's the complete opposite. These guys are nothing short of being the best bros you'll see in a slice of life anime. 

Now, if you remember last episode, Suna's dad was scheduled on a surgery on the same day as Yamato's birthday. So now, Takeo is getting torn between having to choose where to go, his best friend Suna's father's surgery to support him or go celebrate his girlfriend Yamato's birthday. The whole episode is centred around how Takeo deals with this situation and what decision he makes. It is dealt with in a subtle way and you will like the outcome of it. And the outcome relationship between Takeo and Yamato become even stronger as their dynamic becomes more and more cute. Not to mention, the already best bros Suna and Takeo get even more screen time.

Ore Monogatari!! Gif 1
This guy is gonna end up killing someone someday. haha...
That's all for the main action. About some little stuff, I like how Takeo's feelings were expressed on his T-shirt the whole time and the awkward romance between the main couple was kind of cute. The whole "Takeo is big and intimidating" gag did it's job for the most part and I was able to go through the whole episode without a hassle. And surprisingly, Yamato didn't mess up or trip over anything this time. (That's some massive character development right there. haha.. :P) I guess they got a little serious with the whole theme of the episode.

I must say, this series brings more warmth to my heart with every next episode. Yamato, how can someone be so perfect? I really hope to see a little bit of drama later. Still, I love the way this is going right now so I wouldn't really mind if this goes on like this for a while. But they do need to bring some subtle changes into the character interactions and their relationship via the introduction of new characters/situations so that the charm of the series doesn't fade out into the depth of repetitiveness. Well, let's see how this goes from here on out.

Ore Monogatari!! Gif 2
Yamato is the perfect girlfriend.

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