Ore Monogatari Episode 10 - Review/Reaction

Ore Mongatari!! Episode 10 - Review/Reaction src=

*Yamato comes back after spending the whole night with Takeo in the mountains*
Her friends : [Thinking they did 'it'] How was it?
Yamato : Well... I thought I'd die.
hahahaha....I would have believed her if I was there.

"It's a beautiful day! It's summer. The skies are blue. The sun is huge. The trees and the bugs are all doing great."I'm sorry Takeo, I can't agree with that, I wish I could share that sentiment with you. It's a beautiful day but the sun's raining fire upon us. It's way too hot to go out on a picnic. I'd rather sit in the comfort of my own room than go out and get burned by the sun (Yeah, I don't like those really hot days in summer. I'm a spring and fall guy.) But I guess when you're so madly in love, all that doesn't matter.

So, today on the episode 10 of 'The most lovey dovey anime of the year', Takeo and Yamato are on a picnic. Well, I guess their love story is moving forward in a subtle way. Good for them. We all know how Yamato is such a clumsy girl, always messing things up all the time. So today while on their little picnic on a mountain, she ends up getting into trouble again because of her clumsiness. Things happen one after the other and the couple ends up falling off of a cliff. Being the manly man Takeo is, (I won't be surprised if the guy literally turns out to be the Terminator) he saves her from the fall. It's pretty ridiculous to see him running down on a practically horizontal cliff and surviving the whole fall without even a single major injury. Well, that's anime logic for ye. (They're taking the whole "Takeo is big and strong" routine a little too far) Yamato on the other hand is all flustered and bursting with excitement that she will be spending the night with Takeo (she is one thirsty girlfriend, not that I dislike it) Of course nothing like that happens. And they get back home just fine.

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The whole episode was just filled with so many cute moments that it made me get all giggly and happy (And here I thought last episode was cute.) I don't know how they just keep topping that experience with every episode. This just might be the best 'happy' romance anime that I have ever seen. I am kind of scared thinking what will happen if something happens and the show becomes all sad and gloomy. (You better keep your promise Takeo, don't make her cry) Though we do need something in contrast to all this happiness else it would just become plain boring if it keeps going like this. Yin-Yang you know. Light and darkness. Stuff like that. And after all, nothing else is as boring to tell as a story of successful love. 

Overall, the episode was pretty damn good, I breezed through it and I didn't notice when 20 minutes just flew by me. I am glad this is a 24 episode series because I can't get enough of it. Still I do look for some little changes in the whole dynamic between the characters so that we get a whole picture with all the colors in it. So far, this is all a very brightly colored picture and it will start hurting my eyes if I keep staring at it for a long time. Needs some dark, sad moments. Let's hope we get that.

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