Hibike! Euphonium Episode 9 - Review/Reaction

Hibike! Euphonium Episode 9 - Review/Reaction

Despite having a huge backlog of a lot of awesome anime yet to watch, I decided to pick up some of the currently airing series. Since I was looking for something light where I don't have to think too much about the plot and I can sit back and relax, Hibike! Euphonium was right up my alley.
Also, I sort of enjoyed K-On! (And surprisingly I didn't sprout a vagina). Hibike! is like K-On! without all the tea parties and cakes but with more music, actually, much more music. I was quite surprised to see how KyotoAni have made some remarkable changes to their animation styles. I really like how they are trying to do the whole depth of field effect, though it is not on Makoto Shinkai level, but its nice. But I don't like the whole permanent blush on the female characters. So far, I am breezing my way through this and this is nice. That's enough about my thoughts on it, let's get into what today's episode was like.

Okay, so, today in the ninth episode of 'cute high school girls doing cute girly things', the atmosphere is going to be a little tense as today is the audition day. AND we get the results as well. So those of you cheering for your favourite moe-blob queen with the permanent blush can get a little satisfaction out of it. We get another scene with Kousaka not being able to keep her hands off of Kumiko. (Seriously, I ship that yuri so hard.) Kumiko is still her own deranged self who talks to a cactus in her room in a high pitched chibi voice.

Hibike! Gif 1
Just make them kiss already
On the other hand, the follow up of the story from last week's episode where Hazuki got dumped by Shuuichi has been dealt with nicely. It starts with our Midori feeling down at first, who then gets cheered up by Hazuki and finishes up with Hazuki and Kumiko having a little talk about their love life on the train. 
The results of the auditions have sort of stirred up the status quo between the juniors and their senpais with the two rather 'surprising' results. So, there's hope for some drama in the upcoming episodes.

Overall, the same animation magic from KyotoAni was still there, though nothing too phenomenal for me to state here. No changes in the Opening or the Ending. The episode was...umm... slightly above average. Since, the series is surpassing my expectations of it now, I guess I can say that it was a quite a good episode. They are doing a lot of things right by trying to keep the balance between the music and all the character drama. I expect more from this series and I hope it will be able to satisfy every one of my expectations. Kyoto Ani has tried something different here, so I am gonna try to see it with a different perspective I guess.
Notice : From now on I'll be doing episodic reviews on some of the currently airing anime that I'm following. So, look forward to it.

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