Hibike! Euphonium Episode 11 - Review/Reaction

Kumiko and Reina from Hibike! Euphonium
[Note : This post contains spoilers. Please don't read this if you're not following the anime.]

If you are still grieving over your sunken ship from last episode then wipe your tears my friend, because apparently the ship is sailing again. (Wait. What?) Yes! The troll studio has given us yet another Yuri moment, this time topping off everything before it.

Hibike! Euphonium, what seemed as yet another moeblob series from Kyoto Animation and a recreation of K-On! has now come far and made quite an impression on me. Whether it be the different yet eye-catching visuals, or it's simple yet engaging story, they all have made their mark so far and have established the fact that this isn't yet another moeblob K-On! but something bigger. The subtle balance between the character interactions, drama and music is amazing and it always manages to provide a good amount of entertainment for me. But the show has gotten overshadowed by the large number of 'good' shows this season. I really can't blame them, this is a good season anyway.

So, today on the 11th episode of "Is this ship gonna sail or not? Should I sell everything and get on this ship or should I just go watch Takeo?", we have a rather good episode as the series nears the end. Finally the whole thing surrounding the audition not being fair has been solved when the second audition was finally held at the practice hall. Given the amount of tension between the band members over the matters, I'd say they resolved it in a subtle way with Kaori swallowing her pride as a senior and accepting that she is , in fact, inferior to Kousaka. I really like that Kousaka didn't give in to the emotional black-mail that Yuuko tried to pull off and still played her heart out.

But that's not all that happened today, we have rather some big character development between our Yuri shipmates - Reina and Kumiko who shared quite an intimate moment today which somewhat (most definitely) sounded like a love confession. After completely destroying all hopes of having a yuri in the last episode, KyotoAni has given us a very juicy and sparkling bait this time. (Or is it a bait?) Going as far as to have a conversation involving stuff like,

Reina : You won't abandon me?
Kumiko : If I do, you can kill me.
Reina : I'll actually kill you.
Kumiko : You probably would Reina. I'm prepared for that. This is a confession of love, after all.

(Is this a Shakespeare play? That sly Reina, playing with Kumiko like that.)
From whatever angle you look at it, this looks like a love confession. I don't really know whether to be mad at this troll bait or rejoice that my ship has sailed. With only two episodes left now, I expect some sort of 'engagement' (maybe a kiss?) between the two. Maybe when they win the competition at the end, Reina would get all excited and kiss Kumiko on stage. (Just me and my pipe dreams. I know that's never gonna happen. gonna have to satisfy myself with all those ReinaxKumiko fanarts)So, all in all, this was a good episode setting the expectations high for the season finale. Let's hope it comes through.

Hibike! Euphonium Episode 11 gif

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