Hibike! Euphonium Episode 10 - Review/Reaction

Hibike! Euphonium Episode 10 - Review/Reaction

Well, well, well... Today on the 10th episode of "How K-On! should have been like" we have quite an interesting episode today with everyone in a snit from the results of the audition. Why you ask? Well, if you saw the last episode then you know that everyone's favourite Kaori-senpai got owned by the first year trumpet player Kousaka with Kaori losing her lead solo position in the band.
Well, I can't really complain because after all, Kousaka is more talented than Kaori and she has been playing the trumpet for a longer time, so it wasn't so surprising. But you know how people are like, they don't like it when someone new just comes in bashing through the front door and shakes up everything. So, they resort to shun the newcomer down. It's nothing new, happens to all of us who have ever transferred schools or changed clubs/bands/teams. After those not so surprising audition results I expected things to get tense.

So now all the other people who adored the Kaori Senpai are now frustrated because apparently a new rumour about the music teacher has surfaced, which could very well mean that the audition might not have been fair. Well, it is a retaliation done in a panic but I loved how Kousaka just destroyed Kaori right there going like "Bitch! You ain't good enough. Come back when you have surpassed me." (Of course that's not exactly what she said.) But being the lesbian she is, she still couldn't keep her hands off of Kumiko. No, wait. According to today's episode she's actually yet another case of "senpai notice me." Yeah, they just launched a massive torpedo at the Yuri ship and it was right on target. Why do you have to do that? First you show two of them hugging and then Kousaka is saying she loves Taki-sensei. Well played KyotoAni, well played.

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KyotoAni laughing at my Yuri ship.... :(
My saviour from that shock was Asuka-senpai. (You da real MVP) I love her character and how she is like "I don't give a damn who plays the solo part." She just cares about playing the Euphonium and not about all that superiority crap (I'm okay with her marrying her Euphonium-san. Though I wonder what would happen if she had an attitude like Hikigaya from SNAFU season 1)On the other hand Natsumi took the whole audition results in a very calm and mature way. Something I wasn't really expecting to see. I thought she would maybe get mad and not talk to Kumiko but instead she commended her for getting selected and was really chill about being rejected.Well, today the focus on music was not so high this episode. We barely get to hear any of their band practice. But since the situation demanded some drama, I'd say that was the right thing to do. So far, I like where this is going now and I wish they top that with the upcoming episodes. I would actually recommend this now as a 'good' pick from this season. I think I will do a review for this series in the future as this is a very good example of a more realistic music show without all the melodrama.

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