DanMachi Episode 10 - Review/Reaction

DanMachi Episode 10 - Review/Reaction

Yay! It's DanMachi's pick up line of the week time! Here goes :
*Guy saves a girl from a monster in the dungeon*
Girl : *All blushing* Thank you!
Guy : Hey! Do you know what's today's word of the day?
Girl : *Confused* Nope.
Guy : The word of the day is legs. Let's go back to my place and spread the word.
Girl : *Goes all red* BAKAAA!!!! *Slaps him and runs away*
[God! Why isn't this anime about picking up girls in a dungeon?]

Okay. So today on the 10th episode of "Totally NOT SAO 3.0" starring Bell-kun aka The Dungeon Pimp, things take a turn for the worse when Bell decides to go on an adventure in the middle floors of the Dungeon with his new pal Welf Crozzo and his loyal supporter Liliruca Arde. Now that the anime has reached episode 10 in it's one cour lifetime, they are picking up the pace now. Continuing from the last episode, the party of three is all geared up to take on the middle floor of the dungeon as our main character has already hit level 2. But as we all know, things never go smoothly for the main character, so they end up getting caught up in a big mess. On top of that, someone else dumps their mess on them as well. (insert bad luck brian meme here) So, it's either fight your way back to the first floor or go down to the safe zone in the 18th floor. The whole episode revolves around the party getting caught up, how they deal with the huge crowd of monsters in the middle floors and what choice do they make in that tight situation.

DanMachi Gif 1

As for other 'small' stuff, we have two new players in town and the nympho 'villain' goddess makes an appearance for a few frames. Also, our favourite Goddess Hesita has made a very 'dangerous' decision. Looks like things are gonna get real ugly from here on out. So, fans of the show should probably sit tight and wait in anticipation for the next few episodes because we have a lot of action coming up because of the decision Hestia has made.
So, overall, quite a good episode, quite entertaining, the story has moved forward (in a way), and expectations are high for the next one.

Since the series 'Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken' is composed of 3 minute long shorts, (i.e., too short to have an individual post) I am going to squeeze in the review of episode 10 here.

Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken Season 2 Episode 10 - Review/Reaction

So, the 10th episode of Otaku guy meets a normal Wife was a rather mundane short with the backstory of the time when the couple met while working together in a shop. The highlight of the episode was the subject of "cheating". And you know how Otaku have their Waifus. So, how does the wife see it? And how does she deal with it? That's what the episode was about.
There weren't so many laughs in the short, there was one 'cute' moment though. So, I'd say it was just an average episode. A little disappointed there. (Just a little. Like very very little.) It's a good series, so this one gets a pass.

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