Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches Episode 11 - Review/Reaction

Yamada-kun and the 7 witches Episode 11 - review/reaction
[Note : This post contains spoilers. Please do not read this if you are not following the series.]
"Why so serious?"
What happens when a light series starts taking itself too seriously? As if it's characters are in a real danger of dying. When dialogues like, "They're thinking of eliminating Yamada-kun" start popping up with serious a tone in the background and everything is taken so seriously, what do you say the series has become?
I'd say "shit" but since I really appreciate the work they did in the beginning I would go with something like "mediocre".

I mean the series centres around a high-school boy who goes around kissing people! Do you really expect me to take a show like that seriously?? Not only that, all the good elements that they show had in the beginning are so abused to the extent that I don't feel anything now when they are used. You showcase the witches merely for plot's convenience (they pop out only when the plot demands, heck that green haired Meiko hasn't even said a single word, she just appeared for a kiss scene), kisses are thrown around like greetings, and the characters' actions are so obvious now that it's laughable.

Yamada, throwing out kisses like greetings

In today's episode, the characters are wondering what the dick-tator Student Council President will do next with the witches. Why not use the witch who can see the future? She's right there!! And they're acting like, "OMG we have to be prepared. We don't know what trick he might pull out of his ass this time."

And then there's the seventh witch, she can only erase people's memories, not make herself invisible! Then how the heck no one knows about her? Do you really expect me to believe that she went around and kissed every single person in the whole school! Just how much of a masochist is she? It's quite sad if you think about it. No one knows about her existence, she has no friends, even the teachers don't know her, it's like she doesn't exist. And she was the one who did that voluntarily. Just how much does she hate herself? Or maybe she did that just so she can walk around freely without wearing any underwear. (You know, I would have accepted that explanation)

The Student Council puts up a notice saying "Beware of the kiss bandit who goes around kissing people", anyone found kissing on the school grounds will be punished. Okay. That's all cool. But when Shiraishi is going to almost kiss Yamada in a public place, outside the school, why does that bitch jump in? And why the heck don't they retaliate against that? Oh wait, I forgot, that's called plot!

Speaking of, just what the heck is wrong with Shiraishi? Just make up your mind already!! Do you want him to kiss you or not! The kind of suspense they are trying to make here is just so forced that it makes me cry on their pathetic attempts to make this series into something it's not. It's fine. You can stick to the fanservice, all those panty shots and pervy situations, body-swaps, yaoi, yuri, it was so well executed in the beginning and I even liked this series for what it was. But now, I was barely able to tolerate the past couple episodes. If this series was more that 12 episodes long, I would have dropped it by now. But since there's only one episode left, I will somehow sit through it. (Not because I am a masochist but because I want to rant my heart out in the final review of this series)

So, if you are here by chance and you are still thinking of picking this up, don't do that. Don't pick this series. Go read the manga, my friends say it's a lot better than this. If you still want to watch it, watch it till episode 8.

Yamada Gif 2
Listen to me if you don't want to end up crying like this after wasting your time.

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