Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches Episode 12 [Finale] - Reaction/Review

Welcome to the end season rants about anime which started off really well but just couldn't live up to those expectations. First example would be Yamada-kun and the 7 witches.

This show, despite being a light ecchi, started off really well. (I'm not a fan of ecchi but I have a neutral standpoint on fanservice) The ecchi elements weren't so forced by coincidences and the whole 'highschool boy running around kissing people' routine was something new to me in the way it was done, so I sat down and started watching it. And it was good. The whole mystery with the witches and their intriguing powers which only activated when they kissed a person, and all that yaoi and yuri kiss scenes that resulted from that were quite entertaining to watch. But soon enough they everything started going downhill. All those elements, that felt so good and refreshing at the beginning, were now abused to the point that I was absolutely frustrated. They just forced everything in the name of plot. All that started happening around episode 8. The witches became mere plot devices and only appeared when the plot demanded. Some then would just disappear completely after their "conquest". Seriously, I felt like this was 'The World God Only Knows' at some point. (I don't mean that in a bad way)

But it didn't stop there, then they started taking themselves too seriously. I mean this is a series about a highschool boy who goes around and kiss people. I can't take something like that seriously, especially when there's a kiss scene or a pantyshot in every episode. And then there's the rushed pacing which has the plot make little to no sense at all. I googled the name and found out that the manga has been running for the past three years with 100+ chapters or something. And that really explained a lot about this show and why this left such a bad impression towards the end. (I haven't even talked about the ending yet) They tried to crush all that into mere 12 episodes, no wonder it turned out this way. What is this, Tokyo Ghoul? At least they ended that nicely.

Speaking of the ending, they must really think of the viewers as 4 year olds who just like images flashing on their face because it was incredibly stupid. The sudden romantic interest that popped out of nowhere between the two secondary characters just to wrap everything up had me laughing at the ridiculousness of the show. It shows how desperate they were to end the nightmare this had become towards the end. The ending was really obvious and I was really hoping they would at make that a little entertaining but no, it was bad.So, if you loved the manga and want to know how this series is, just watch this till episodes 6-7, if you go any further you are going to end up hating this.Overall, this was an 'okay-ish' anime. I personally won't recommend it, even as a light series. (Go watch DanMachi or Food Wars if you're looking for 'light' entertainment) This started really well, but wasted all that potential by abusing it's good elements. It was really intolerable towards the end. (Or maybe because I was itching to watch Fate UBW) So, watch it at your own risk.

Final Rating : Silver Tier

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