Ore Monogatari Episode 11 - Review/Reaction

Ore Monogatari Episode 11 Review/Reaction
[Note : This post contains spoilers for the series Ore Monogatari. Please do not read if you're not following the series.]

As written in the great compendium of how to make slice of life anime, one must have an episode where the characters go on a beach. Ore Monogatari is no different. So, the dreaded beach episode is finally here where our manly man Takeo has the chance to take off his shirt and impress all the girls. Or to see his girlfriend Yamato in a swimsuit. I don't have any problems with all the beach episodes but do they really have to do this?

I don't how they just keep making this series more and more cute by every passing episode. It kinda scares me that they might end up breaking their characters or abusing their comedy gags in the process. Because so far, they've really overused the "Takeo is big and manly" gag by now. Not to mention the usual "Takeo! Yamato! I love her! She's so cute" thing. Look, I have no problems with them being lovey dovey and cute but you need something to balance all that. And they are just constantly shoving that down our throat. It's like eating cake every single day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You are bound to get sick. I know, when watching on a weekly basis, this doesn't bother you much as you get a nice little break in between where you watch a bunch of other series. But since I am a binge watcher, I can understand how someone whose trying to marathon this series would feel. It's all cake right from episode one. If I was binge watching this, I will probably be taking a break by now because this would have made me a little sick. Now, that's just me. Let's talk about the episode now. 

Ore Monogatari Episode 11

So, today on the beach episode of Ore Monogatari we have Takeo being his usual manly self with all his manly ideals about how swimsuits are for 'swimming'. And Yamato being her usual 'thirsty' self. (Seriously, how thirsty is she for Takeo?) The relationship is moving at a smooth pace and everyone is happy. Now, despite all his grandiose speech about not being a perv and staring at girls in swimsuits, when Yamato show up wearing hers, all that conviction just disappears. Good thing Suna the 'Saint' was there to tame his inner beast. We get a detailed animation scene with Takeo taking off his shirt and showing off his muscles which made Yamato all flustered.

Not only that, something big finally happened. Finally, he was able to say it to her. They'd almost gotten to the first base if only one of Takeo's friend wouldn't have destroyed the moment (Classic anime cockblock right there). Still, they shared a good moment and it was sort of worth it. (He build a sand wall to protect their love. That was kinda cute)

One little concern was how the animation was kinda choppy today. It is normal to have it in Slice of Life episodes but it sort of stood out today. The character got really distorted in a lot of scenes and it just looked weird. Wasn't really expecting something like that from the giant Madhouse. Maybe they had to rush the whole episode or something. Still, a splendid episode.

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