Ore Monogatari Episode 12 - Reaction/Review

Ore Monogatari Episode 12 - reaction/Review

And here I thought I had backlogs only in anime. Well, I am sorry I couldn't post it on time because my internet was out for three days, and then I kinda procrastinated and lazily published only one episodic review and now my consciousness is eating away at me. It's like there's a Shia Labeouf inside my head constantly screaming at me to "JUST DO IT!" So, here I am.

Ore Monogatari has been giving us the weekly doses of cute for a long time now, pushing the cuteness level up with every passing episode so far. I like that now they have started to settle down a bit after that big confession on the beach. (Though I still wanna see them kiss) That isn't to say that episode 12 wasn't filled with the usual Takeo and Yamato's cute awkward romance routine. They are just taking their relationship forward one step at a time. (A one very slow step, more like crawling through it)

Since they're both highschoolers, life after school and the choice of the college really matters. And it's an obligatory episode in a highschool romance anime so it wasn't really a surprise. They just want to be together forever. But Takeo isn't such a bright student in terms of academics while Yamato does just fine. So our manly man Takeo steps up to the plate and decides that he is going to study hard to get into the same college as Yamato (yeah, if only it were that easy to just sit down and study). As expected, he goes down pretty quickly and heads over to Suna's for help. And being the super awesome bro Suna is, he decides to help his bro out. (now just give Suna a girlfriend already, that guy is just lonely now)The highlight of the episode was Takeo's parents seeing Yamato for the first time and how they react to her. As any other anime household parents would do, they tried their best to leave a good impression on her by pretending to be a high class well mannered family. So that made for some good chuckles as they went around and cleaned the whole house and did some other stupid stuff. (Takeo's dad looks really... weird) But Suna just topped all of that with his prank on Takeo. I am serious, I am only able to get through an episode because of this guy.

Overall, a nice episode. They're just steadily moving forward not rushing anything so far. I am not really sure exactly what to expect from this series now. I want things to get a little more dramatic but I don't wanna see any tension in this perfect couple either. So, I'll just sit down and let this take me where it wants to. But they really really need to do something different now. This is getting very repetitive now with the usual gags in every single episode without anything to contrast that love story. I don't want to end up hating this show, I really don't want to do that. I think I might end up dropping this if this goes on like this. I know the series is good but this is just me watching the same thing again and again every week.

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