Hibike! Euphonium Episode 12 - Reaction/Review

Hibike! Euphonium Episode 12 - Reaction/Review

Sorry about making it this post so late (a whole two days). My internet broke down three days ago and since I am a lazy bastard, I didn't even lodge in a complaint until today.
But it would have been useless to complain before that because the whole machine that routed all the connections in my area malfunctioned and it took them two whole days to fix that. So, in a way the universe told me not to waste my energy on picking up the phone and making a complaint. (Thanks, good guy Universe) On the bright side, I was able to finish up the Monogatari series. But we are not here to talk about monogatari series. This is about our favourite (maybe not) KyotoAni's spring gift to us, Hibike! Euphonium.

So, what happened in episode 12? Well, the first thing that stood out the most was the animation. They are really giving it their all in terms of animation. Yes, the series is pretty good on it's own, but in episode 12, there were some gorgeous visuals that really stood out to me. I guess KyotoAni is preparing a visual orgasm for us in the series finale.

Hibike Euphonium Episode 12

So far how the story has built itself up is quite a feat in and of itself. I really like how they have carefully kept the balance between music and highschool drama and the series doesn't come off as either too moe or too much music focused; in short, it feels much more realistic. Yes, I can actually imagine this scenario in a real life highschool.I especially like how the players don't exaggerate too much when expressing their emotions, especially their passion, for music. Or how the series doesn't force us to get emotional with the characters. It all so subtle.

Now, about the episode 12, as the date of the Kansai competition nears, the band members are really upping their practice time with Taki-sensei working everyone like slaves. So, as a result of the immense amount of pressure being put on her, Kumiko finally reaches sort of a breaking point, or should I say that the chinks in her armour are starting to show now in her play style. Take-sensei quickly catches on to that and sort of scolds her. So, she just practices her heart out.

If you remember how Reina sparked the passion in Kumiko's heart with her playing, you will the effects of those events come into action now. Now, Kumiko really wants to get better and gets really frustrated when she realises that she is not good enough, finally being able to relate to the emotions Reina had back when they played in a band together. So, she screams her heart out and gets on to practice. Now, we just have to wait for the finale to really see if they are going to make it or not. (they surely will. But let's pretend it's a suspense)

Overall, a good episode with really well done animation. Nice plot progression and a good deal of character development on Kumiko and her relationship with Reina. Let's hope the magic stays till the end.

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