DanMachi Episode 12 - Review/Reaction

DanMachi Episode 12 Review/ Reaction + Predictions for the finale
[Note : This post contains spoilers. Please do not read if you are not following DanMachi. In case you are looking for a first look, click here.]

Yay! It's DanMachi's pick-up line of the week time! Here goes :
After watching our notorious dungeon pick-up master for a few times, a rather cute guy tries to copy him.
*Approaches the girl*
Guy : Hey...so,...uhh...(looks at notecards) did you uh did... you fall out of heaven because um..(drops cards) shit fuck oh god fuck I'm so sorry. You're-you're just so... pretty I'm sor..ry.
Girl : *All blushing* Aww...
Guy : *blushes furiously* (picks up cards) (looks at her desperately) I um... don't have a card for... this.
Girl : *blushing and smiling* That's okay... Because it worked.
[And then they had lots of sex after this.]

Wait. Were you expecting a sleazy pick-up line? Okay okay. Here it is then.
Adventures of the Dungeon Pick-up master :
*Guy walks up to a girl on a stand which says "Save water. Save the environment."*
Guy : Hey baby, do you love water?Cause that means you already love 80% of me!
Girl : Don't you have something better to do? Like maybe, save the environment?
Guy : Well, we can always save water everyday.
Girl : How?
Guy : Shower with me.
Girl : Die!! [Stabs him with a Spear of Longinus]

So today on the episode 12 of "Rrrrrrrrrromance", the dreaded bath episode is finally here where our Dungeon Pimp has the chance to look at all the girls naked and get away with it just fine. And to my surprise, exactly that happened. So, that fills up the quota of the fanservice that has been lagging for a while now. We get a little flashback into Ryu's past and get a little sad backstory. Since, the series is now in it's final phase for the season, we get the required build up to the big finale today with Hestia releasing her divine power.But we still don't know what that divine power really is. (Hence the suspense)

Bell falls into the middle of all the naked ladies and gets away just fine

As I have said previously, this anime is going to need a second season to really wrap things up, I wish that they could have given us some more answers to the whole Gods, their place in the world, their powers and their mortality. We don't even know how many floors are there in the Dungeon or why would anyone go into the Dungeon in the first place. I've been sitting through this series just for the sake of entertainment so far. But now in case of the story and it's development, this seems to be lagging severely.And I know for sure that the finale isn't really going to add anything to that so this series is gonna rank in the Silver-I Tier at most.

Predictions for the finale :
I think the whole "Gods should never step into the Dungeon" warning is now going to come back and bite them in the ass. With Aiz and her crew already gone ahead and Crozzo losing that special weapon given to him by Hephaestus, things are going to be tough for our little Rookie. Hermes is gonna run away with his tail between his legs and Ryu will probably try to save Bell and get hurt or maybe Hestia is gonna jump in and it will lead to Bell snapping and reaching a new power level and he's gonna end up defeating that huge monster. Then we will get a happy ending with everyone getting out of the Dungeon safely and then a pan up to the dungeon tower and roll credits. I doubt that the Nympho-goddess villain is going to make an appearance at all.
[If that actually comes true then this series might just end up in Bronze Tier. And no I haven't read the manga.]

Hestia released her divine power


Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken Season 2 - Episode 12 Review/Reaction

Danna ga nani wo itteiru ka wakaranai ken episode 12

Today's episode was rather weird. More like boring and mundane, considering I really couldn't understand what it was trying to say. (maybe I should rename it "I can't understand what this anime is saying") You see, previously in season one, there were more random Otaku scenarios which made up for some good laughs/giggles. But ever since the start of season 2, the show seems to be following a more linear storyline and so we are going through several 'phases' in their relationship rather than those awkward funny moments. So for the past few episodes, the whole "Otaku humour" (that's what I call it) is heavily missing from the show and I have to say that today's episode felt like a waste of time. (Even though it was just three minutes) Don't get me wrong, I re-watched it 3 times to check if I missed something but it was basically Kaoru and Tsunashi lost in inner conversations with themselves over their relationship now that they have a baby on the way. Even though it is completely understandable as to why this is happening, (and it is okay that way) I watch this series for a few laughs and not some "drama" (I use drama very loosely here). So, not really worth it today. The last episode might become very interesting if that conversation Tsunashi had today with Kaoru was for real.

Random Thoughts : Maybe Tsunashi is going to have some sort of a transition into a normal guy as today's episode suggests, that could either be really interesting or really boring. But so far, I have to say that Season one was better.

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