DanMachi Episode 13 [Finale] - Review/Reaction

DanMachi Episode 13 - Review/Reaction
[Note : This post contains spoilers. Please do not read if you're not following the series.]
Well, well ,well. It's rant time!!!
So, how was the final episode of DanMachi? One word : "ASSPULL". Yeah. That's right. Bell turns into a white glowing plot-device and obliterates the "Titan" in one swing, because of his skill Argonaut which basically allows him to one-shot anything that has more power than him.
So, I guess he could just walk up to the final floor boss and just wipe it out in one shot, because apparently that's an overwhelming power and he is Zeus' grandson. But that's not all, you might think he gets only a single shot of that power, but NOPE! Two shots! Yes! He gets another shot from that power. Screw the levels and stats, this is pure asspull in the name of plot. Just wipe out the Dungeon already!!

Speaking of the Dungeon, what is it in the first place? How many floors are there? Is there a reward at the end? All I know is that the Dungeon is a place to pick up girls and for Bell Cranel to do asspulls and impress people! If the Dungeon is really that scary a place, why would anyone go there at all? From a logical standpoint, it doesn't really makes sense. But then again, why do people climb mountains? Well, they do it for the thrill or simply because they want to. So I can let that slide.Then what about the Gods? Is this really based on Greek Mythology? Is there one supreme God who rules above the others? Just how many Gods are there? Did all the Gods came down to live on the Earth or is anyone still left up there in the heavens?Screw all that! We'll just put in a loli with big tits and everyone will forget all about that. That's the way to go! If that loli really is that humble of a goddess, why didn't she release her divine power when there was a giant titan standing there killing people? What is her divine power anyway?

I don't know why people are praising this series so much. This isn't something new. A guy who is really weak and unknown, who is chasing after someone stronger than him, (Aiz) gets a rare power that makes him ridiculously stronger faster than anyone else, (Argonaut) and he has a secret that is part of something much bigger. (He is Zeus' son) If you're wondering where you've seen this, here's a little hint for ye : Naruto (He was really weak in the beginning, chasing after Sasuke who was way stronger than him, had nine tails inside him, which plays a very crucial part in the long run and helps him get stronger really fast. Except that Naruto really worked his ass off.) Even a 10 year old can draw parallels between the two series. Only their setup is a little different. So, the series didn't really surprise me so much.[Rant over??]

DanMachi Gif 1
Don't worry, that's only the first Argonaut (aka asspull skill) shot
So in the final episode, a giant Titan (named Goliath, I guess Bell is our David here) comes crashing down the crystal roof and starts ravaging everything around it. The adventurers who were harassing Bell in the last episode get caught up and Bell, being the nice softie he is, decides to go and save them. And then we spend the whole episode on that boss fight. (Nerf that thing please.)

It was well coordinated until the humongous asspull took place at the end. I really liked how they were acting as a team and it sort of felt like a raid. (Though Log Horizon did it better, but I'm not gonna compare the two anime) I hated how Hestia just stood there and did nothing when she released her Divine power in the last episode. But I'm glad it didn't end the way I predicted, else it would have been quite boring.

I was expecting to see some gorgeous visuals at the end, but the animation quality was a little above average, so a little disappointed there. (I know they're not ufotable) The soundtrack was nice though. It got me really pumped up at a point. Despite all my logical bitching about the finale, I enjoyed it. Even though all I have left afterwards is an enormous pile of unanswered questions, the only reason I am still going to recommend this (slightly, not highly) is because there is a possibility that they might wrap things up nicely in the second season and that this series has done good in terms of pure entertainment value (not story, plot or characters).

Final Rating : Silver - I Tier

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