Nisekoi Season 2 Review [First Reaction]

Nisekoi Season 2 First Reaction
"The hunt for the best girl of the year begins. And may the odds be ever in your favour."
Nisekoi was a very generic yet funny harem anime that took the anime community by storm last year and was widely labelled as the "Best Girl of the Year" anime by the otaku community.
Two major divisions were formed namely, #TeamChitoge and #TeamOnodera, both fiercely claiming their girl to be the best one. But the anime ended with no real conclusion leaving the fans wanting for more. So, this year the anime returns. And this time, we have a new contender who is none other than our very own, Onodera's sister.

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Dynamic Entry!!
In case you have forgotten the 'plot' (yeah right) of this anime, here's a quick summary :Ichijou Raku, an average highschool student is the son of the head of the Yakuza clan. As he is spending his 'peaceful' days in highschool while fondling over his crush Onodera, his life is shaken up by a storm called Chitoge Kirisaki from the family of gangsters who have just moved into Japan. So, in order to avoid conflict between the two clans, the two kids are forced to pretend that they are in love with each other (Hence the name, Nisekoi = False Love). And then there's a promise that the guy once made with a girl 10 years ago and she gave him a locket and said that when they meet again they would open it.Well that sounded kind of boring didn't it? Do not worry my friend. Because the plot does not matter here. The show is all about the characters (i.e., the harem) and their interaction and which girl is going to be "The Chosen One."

So, what are going to get this year form this very generic yet quite funny anime?The first thing to notice is the budget cuts. The anime is going to be only 12 episode long (or 1 cour if you may). The direct effect of that can be seen on the animation. The faces of the characters are a little less detailed in some scenes and the animation got a little too bright (though that might not be because of the budget cut). So, if you were expecting to see a lot of Chitoge (or Onodera)... sorry man.

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Only 12 episodes? Are you serious??
Have you seen that video by Lonely Island where the guy is the DJ and he messes with his crowd by taking forever to drop the bass (I think it's named 'Don't drop the bass'). That is how I feel everytime that 'locket of destiny' comes up in the anime. This time, it has been repaired and it is right there from episode one but is never mentioned afterwards. Though there is an interesting change that we are going to see this time.

This time, the anime dedicates each episode to a single character (so far) rather than trying to develop all the characters simultaneously by placing them all together in a situation. So, what we have is episodes where there is minimum interaction from other characters while only that one girl gets all the focus. The upside to this is that we get to know more about that character i.e., character development. But there's a rather big downside to all this. The comedy suffers a lot from this setting where the characters are rather isolated. You see, a setting where all the characters are together has a lot of potential for some non-generic comedy. We saw exactly that in the last season. But this time, the anime has to rely more on the stereotypical situations for comedy. (Which depends on what type of 'dere' the girl is) 

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The lack of the good old Nisekoi comedy makes me sad.
This can be easily noticed if you see how dumber the protagonist has gotten this time. Seriously, the reason why I liked this anime was how Ichijou wasn't so dense like any other harem protagonist and he handled the harem well. But not this time.Let's get on to the female members of the cast. First off, Chitoge. Right from the episode episode one, we see a significant change in her personality. Now, her 'dere' side or the soft side appears more often as she realized in the last season that she has feelings for Raku. (Like we didn't see that coming) She tries to get Ichijou's attention but always ends up either getting ignored or misunderstood. She seems like she's becoming more and more of a stereotypical tsundere.So far, she has gotten a lot of screen time and we get a glimpse into her personal life with two full episodes featuring her 'super busy scary' mother.

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Merry Christmas Motherf**kers!
Meanwhile we get to see Tsugumi thrown into a situation where she has to compete with an old rival (that white haired plot device in the opening) for Raku's first kiss. And a suggestion has been made that Marika has a little secret and she ends up having a recording of Ichijou confession his love to her out loud. (What?? Well... technically speaking. You'll see.)The most interesting change was made in Onodera. Now she is more courageous, honest to herself and she finally did something. That actually makes her less stereotypical and maybe gets her a little ahead in this 'game'. The new member hasn't been officially introduced, so not much to say about her. I think that takes care of everyone in our cast.

Now then, time for the big question, "Is this season an upgrade on the last one?"Well... so far, it doesn't look like it. Despite the changes in the characters and how they get a bit more development than last time, a big chunk of comedy was missing from the show. And that comes as a huge downpoint for the anime. So you can go back and see the astonishing new use of a blue ribbon in women's clothing or the love story of 'Shaq meets Berendette'.But if you are a fan of either #TeamChitoge or #TeamOnodera you can pick this up because it isn't over yet and we don't know what they have in store for us.

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