Is it Wrong to try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon (DanMachi) Review [First Reaction]

DanMachi First Reaction
Ooooh My
"Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a Dungeon?"
Okay, this is the image I had in mind when I first heard the name of this anime :
*Guy walks into a Dungeon*
*A monster is trying to kill a girl*
*Guy defeats the monster in an epic action scene with explosions*
Guy : "Baby, your breasts remind me of Mount Rushmore... My face should be among them.
"Girl : *Goes all red* BAKA!!! *slaps him and runs away*

Okay, seriously. Who the heck names an anime like that? We already have a fair share of anime with nonsensical names (example: Another, Bleach), but looks like now we are going to have phrases and full sentences as names. I guess soon we will have anime like "You know, people die when they are killed!" Still, I guess it could have been worse. (Imagine they start naming it like e-mails; far, the above stated scenario has not come true yet. Instead, the situation is quite the opposite here. See the story begins with a guy named Bell getting chased around by a Minotaur inside a cave (the Dungeon). Just when he is about to die, he is rescued by our "Sword Princess" Aiz Wallenstein in a flashy scene where she slices the beast in half leaving our helpless guy covered in its blood. But instead of thanking her, the guy runs off without saying a word. The story revolves around "the goofy dense amateur adventurer" Bell as he tries to catch up to the "Sword Princess" and probably make her fall for him. There is a supposed arch-enemy who has their eyes on our main character, but much of that remains unknown.

Now, this is where the whole world-building of the anime comes in. The characters are part of a world which is setup like an RPG game. Don't get me wrong, it's not like they have been forced to live there, (like SAO or Log Horizon) instead the whole world and its 'logic' is based on an RPG game. And surprisingly they have quite an interesting element here. The 'Gods' of this world decided to give up all their powers and come down and live among the humans/beings of the 'lower' world like normal human beings. The players/adventurers can have their blessings and join their 'familia'(clan) and go on adventures in the dungeon. The anime also pays attention to details like stats, player levels, abilities, adventurers having advisers, people exchanging item drops for money. Also the goddess of your familia can only update your stats. But despite all that, much information about this world is still shrouded in mystery. We don't know how many levels are there in the Dungeon or exactly how many Gods are there or if there is any 'admin' system or organisation to maintain order. And the biggest mystery so far is "Are the Gods mortal?" Considering that they have given up their powers, does it mean that they can be killed now? I have hopes that some of these questions are going to be answered in the upcoming episodes. (though there's only 5 episodes left)

DanMachi Gif 1
A goddess. Yeah, right!
This whole 'rpg game world' setting is something we are quite familiar with. Although the anime brings some new elements to it, it certainly lacks a lot of things which will make it stand out from other shows with the same concept. Also, the absence of a motivation for the adventurers to go into the dungeon really bothers me. I mean, life outside the dungeon is just fine so why would one want to risk their lives anyway? It's not like they are stuck in there or anything and the only way to get out is to beat a final boss. The logic I tell myself is that that's the way this world is. Or maybe, just maybe, beating all the levels in the Dungeon would make you a God. (That seems like a good reason. I have a feeling this might be the real plot of the anime.)

Thankfully the show does not take itself too seriously and the whole environment is pretty light and lively. We have our main protagonist Bell Cranel who is your stereotypical weak goofy guy who is denser than a black hole when it comes to girls. Like any other main character, he wants to be stronger so he can impress his girl all the time being oblivious to the fact that he is practically drowning in a swarm of beautiful ladies who would do anything for him. Not only that, he apparently has a rare skill that no one knows about which helps him level up faster the more 'emotional' he is. (I really want to say Kirito 2.0 but he ain't Jesus) So far, he hasn't done anything memorable that would distinguish  him from a stereotypical harem protagonist. 

Next up is our Goddess Hestia aka "Loli with big tits" (I didn't make up that name, the anime did). Seeing how the Otaku community praises her, you can tell that she is the main attraction of the anime. She is kind-hearted, caring and has fallen head over heels for Bell. Since the guy is just denser than a black hole, she just openly advertises her feelings for him all the time and to my surprise, the guy never picks up on any of it. And whenever he does say something remotely romantic, she gets all red and flustered and denies all that as a joke. The most noticeable feature here is the revolutionising blue ribbon. Yes, she uses a blue ribbon to constantly hold up her boobs. (I can see someone using this pick-up line : Why would you need a cheap blue ribbon when I can hold your boobs up all day for free.)
But seriously, is it just me or majority of the recent shows are more focused on these Otaku fetishes rather than being imaginative and inspiring?

DanMachi Gif 2
Ep. 8 Actually looked kinda cool.
I don't really see a great storyline unfolding in the future but that's okay because the show is supposed to be a light hearted comedy and I find it doing okay so far on those terms. But I do wish that they would give us some more info on the whole 'are the gods mortal' thing soon because if they do that later on, it is only going to look like a BS asspull. Considering that this is supposed to be pure entertainment material, the animation overall is pretty good especially in the action scenes. The character designs, though not so unique (excpet Hestia) look quite good considering the color pallette used and I like the overall feel of the anime probably because it doesn't take itself too seriously.

So, should you pick this up? Well, if you like a light hearted comedy harem in an RPG game setting, you might find this quite entertaining. But if you are looking for something 'serious' or thought provoking, you might not want to go anywhere near this. (Because you might find yourselves raging) And yeah,

All Heil Hestia!!!
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