Ore Monogatari Review [First Reaction]

Ore Monogatari!! First Reaction

Okay, here's how I would describe Ore Monogatari : Shaquille O'Neal, who is a very very kind hearted guy, is best friends with the great looking Brad Pitt. And then one day Shaq meets Bernedette (from TBBT) and they fall in love. hahahaha...
That's a messed up image. Sorry about that.

You know, the normal pairing in a romance anime where the guy is good looking and the girl is super hot can get a little boring and repetitive. So, it's nice to see something new every once in a while. A little known show called Lovely Complex did it well. Ore Monogatari does it in it's own way. Here, the guy is a giant and the girl is normal. (Beauty and the beast? Nah, nah, it's different. Trust me.) But, just because it is different doesn't always mean that it's good. So when I went in, I had my guard up. And so far, the show has done really well in terms of being unique in it's presentation of this weirdly paired romance. I'll explain how.

You see, the first episode established the whole unique setting but ended with a misunderstanding between the couple, which is a pretty generic thing. You know, the stereotypical romance plot : Guy meets girl, guy falls in love with her, he thinks she likes someone else (i.e., the misunderstanding) and we spend the whole anime looking at him trying to confess to the girl while doing a crapload of stupid stuff in the name of comedy. But, this is where the show diverges and creates it's own unique impression. It does not dance around like that. It does not drag that misunderstanding on and on and on endlessly, in fact it resolves it rather quickly. So, the main highlight isn't the main character trying to muster up the courage to confess to the girl, but the romance afterwards. And they are doing it right so far. They go all lovey dovey, throw in some nice entertaining comedy but also hint of a secret that might change the way things are going, so I'm pretty excited to see it through.

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The main character Takeo is a well built tall guy, so he often comes on too strong and ends up leaving a bad first impression. But, he is a really kind hearted guy who loves and cares about everyone around him. He is pretty energetic and he is the main source of enjoyment in the anime. I really hope that they give him a little more depth later on because right now he seems like a stereotypical happy go lucky nice guy who is dense when it comes to girls. (Though that much cake is gonne give you some problems bro.)
Not only that, our Brad Pitt (aka Suna), also seems a little shady to me. He really cares for his best friend Takeo. He is the usual popular guy who can have any girl he want. But he is not a player as one would probably expect him to be. I think there is an interesting backstory behind the way he behaves. I just get the feeling that he is repenting for something he did in the past. But that's just me. 

The last one in the list is our cute, shy, really confident and gutsy Yamato, who is also one hell of a baker. (Maybe Pantheon should take some baking lessons from her) Nothing too much to say about her right now except that there is something off here as well. Remember the secret I talked about earlier? Yeah. This is it.

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Produced by the famous Madhouse, the animation is, by all means, good. I think the characters look kind of similar to those in Chihayafuru. (Or maybe it's just me) The animation is bright and the colors blend in nicely. There are a lot of bright colors like pink. Basically, your standard slice of life color palette.
The opening looks and sounds nice. So does the ending. Not much to say about the soundtrack, because nothing noticeable has popped up so far.
One extra little thing to mention. The beginning of every episode (so far) reminds of how they start the first episode of Flash (or Arrow) : "My name is Gouda Takeo, and I am a highschool student. Though I may not look like it." (It's probably my imagination going wild)

So, overall, the show looks pretty good, different and refreshing as a romance anime. You can definitely pick this one up if you are looking for a nice comedy and romance. Though we still have long ways to go and I am excited to see how this is going to turn out now that they are not going to dance around the misunderstanding. Let us just hope that it meets the expectations.

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