Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu Review [First Reaction]

Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu First Reaction

Well, what do you think would happen if you take out all the supernatural aspects from the SOS Brigade? What if Haruhi wasn't God and everybody was just a normal highschooler? 

The obvious answer would be that we are left with a highschool slice of life comedy show with a very weird bunch of highschool students.

Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu is quite different from the original Haruhi storyline because here everything is about Yuki Nagato. In fact, a very different Nagato from before. Now, she has a personality. The previously cold, plain, robotic and emotionless(?) Nagato is now a very shy, cute, clumsy girl who has a thing for Kyon.

So, the story begins with Nagato, Kyon and Asakura (the alien girl who tried to kill Kyon, in case you don't remember) as the only members of the Literature Club with Nagato as the President. And the main plot seems to revolve around Nagato trying to muster the courage to confess her love to Kyon and win him over and their adventures in the Literature Club. The rest of the cast is introduced soon enough and the show does it in a way that it does not seem too awkward. (Remember Haruhi forcing everyone else. Yeah, that's gone too) But the most important thing to me was how they were gonna introduce Haruhi (and that esper guy Koizumi), who are now at a totally different School. They did that part okay but the thing that bothers me is that they can just skip class, walk all over to the school, trespass, and wreak havoc in a school they don't belong to EVERY SINGLE DAY!! (Somebody's got to notice that. They don't even change clothes!)

Nagato Image 1

Now, there is one thing to notice here. That is the characters. They are not exactly the same as before AND the character designs are a bit different too. Nagato gets the most drastic makeover because of the total personality change which is a good thing. Her character looks quite different from before. Its more... moe now. And to compliment that, the voice actress has done a 180 on the tone and it suits her pretty damn well.

Asakura acts as the motherly support to Nagato, always pushing her to be more confident and open. Koizumi seems like his old self, with a little change. (I'll leave that for you to find out) Haruhi... we have yet to see her true maniac self, so, not much to mention there except that she seems a little less childish and a bit more true to herself. 
But... Kyon. He seems a little off. He isn't the old cynical, sarcastic, slightly perverted Kyon that we knew. He seems more like a stereotypical harem protagonist so far with his old ponytail thing. (being a little dense and all that). But we're only 5 episodes in, so let's see.

As you may have already noticed, the show is not being produced by KyotoAni so, there is a change in the art style. Now, if you are a die hard Haruhi fan, you may not like it. But it is in no terms lacking. It holds when compared to any current anime but its surely not outstanding... so far.
The opening is pretty and purple, sounds and looks good. (with Tsuruya molesting Mikuru) Same for the ending sequence. (more purple!)

So far the show has established that this time Haruhi isn't gonna get a free reign here as Nagato Yuki is the President and the main character of the show. Though I do expect to see her wreak havoc and whether they will form the SOS Brigade or not or what the adventures would be like this time. The show is nice and has potential to be a good show. Just treat it as a sort of a stand alone show different than Haruhi and you'll be fine. (Translation : Don't expect Haruhi S3)

P.S. Please no Endless Eight this time.

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