Your Lie in April Review [Fanboy Version]

Your Lie in April Review
Warning : Fanboy Review Ahead.
Do you know what passion is? What it feels like? What makes you feel alive?It is like having that one thing that just gives you so much joy that you can't help but do it over and over again. It is something that you can't explain to someone else, because you yourself can never define it. Because you can only feel it. You feel it in your gut, you feel it your heart, you feel it in every part of your body.
And when you are doing that thing, you forget all about the world, all the fears, all the worries, whether you are going to win or lose, everything just disappears and you just... play. And in that moment, you are so happy, so fulfilled that you transcend to a place of pure joy and love. A place where everything is just... beautiful.

It is something that moves you with such overwhelming force that you just want to run and scream and yell and cry at the same time. It feels like you would explode from the overwhelming emotions inside you. It is something that you won't give up for all the money or pleasure in the world because that thing defines you. It defines who you are and parting with it would feel like losing yourself. Have you ever experienced something so intense? So pure and so unique, deep deep down in your heart?That is how I define passion. That is what being alive is for me. That is how I feel.If you can relate to what I just said, then you will be able to see what I saw in this anime. Something more than what they told me I would find. Not just love, but passion, dreams and how those things define who we are. You'll see that it's not the things, or the money, or the titles that we achieve in life that defines us, but who we are and what we do.

Has something ever moved you so much that you find yourselves in tears? Not because of how sad that thing was on its own, but because you could relate to it so much that you just can't help but cry. To me, it was this show named Your Lie in April. This show took me on a ride. A roller-coaster of emotions that were inside me. I used to think I was the only one who thought of passion and love this way. That what you create doesn't have to look good, that it shouldn't be something that should impress other people, but it should be coloured with who you are. It felt good to know that I wasn't the only one. That's why I am writing this review this way. This wouldn't be structured, objective, good or bad. This is just me writing what I feel like writing.

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So, the story goes something like this. A guy who lost his mother has given up on that one thing that she left him i.e., the piano. He is depressed, always looking down on himself, not doing what he wants, making excuses. He used to be a prodigy, a star, someone that others can look up to. But now he is... nothing, a failure. But then, one day in April, under a cherry blossom tree, he meets a weird violinist. And then, his life changes. She pushes him to go back to being him, forces him to play the piano again. This is the story of Arima Kosei, and how one lie that girl told changed his life. This isn't just a love story. This is the story about finding that passion in life, and the struggles you have to face, how you must keep going despite the circumstances, how you must face those fears every time you get back into the arena of life, how you must give it your heart and soul and colour it with your emotions. And when it reaches them, when it touches them, when it inspires them, you realise that it is done. It reminds me of this line I heard in a movie : 
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."
The show has this energy and the way it carries the story and presents the characters' thoughts, it inspires you. And the way the music comes in at the just the right time will give you goosebumps or make you tear up. Speaking of music, I must admit, I'm no classical music fanatic but the scores in this anime are just amazing. It made me want to try playing an instrument myself. Even right now, as I write this review I am listening to Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 14 Op.27 No.2. The music is filled with colours.

The animation, done by A-1 Pictures, who also brought us AnoHana, holds its own for the most part. It isn't so amazing in the beginning but after about 10-12 episodes they really show what they're capable of, especially in the last couple episodes. The character designs are pretty and the animation gets detailed when needed. I like how the colour of the cherry blossoms wasn't your traditional pink, but a bit different. The characters are fleshed out nicely across the span of 22 episodes, with Kosei getting tremendous and amazing development. Though I feel like they kind of ignored Watari as he remained pretty much the same throughout the whole anime.Still, they are all very relatable, and that's what matters. I've already said enough on what impact they had on me in the first few paragraphs so lets leave it at that.

Now, You can also see this anime as a love story. A sad, little tragic, filled with sorrow, pain and struggle, but a beautiful love story of a girl who didn't want to be forgotten. Or the story of a girl, who just wanted to be with her childhood friend forever, playing together, smiling together and crying together, sharing the pain and the love.Of course, this is just one of many perspectives to look at this. The one that I chose was that of an inspirational anime. But to make this review a little more objective, I will offer you another one.
You can also look at this anime as sort of an amalgamation of Nodame Cantabile and Clannad : After Story and dismiss it as 'average'. Or say something like Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is just a tragic, contrived, convoluted version of senpai notice me. I mean the characters are a bit cliche, except Kosei. There is a lot of overly dramatic dialogue. Stuff that a normal 14 year old would never say in real life. Misplaced comedy and so on. Because of course, nothing is perfect.

So I invite you to watch the whole anime and at the finish, ask yourself this : "Did it reach you?"
Because it reached me.

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Edit: I know this was more like a fanboy tribute to the show, I will upload a more objective review soon. Or maybe not.

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